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Health Management Technology attended and explored the 99th Radiological Society of North America scientifi c assembly and trade show in uncharacteristically mild-weath- ered Chicago in early December, where clinicians and ad- ministrators were able to roam two exhibit halls fully stocked with some of the latest diagnostic and IT innovations. Some of the key themes at the event involved breaking barriers

Turbocharged PET

Based on Philips’ proprietary Digital Photon Counting technology, the Vereos PET/CT is the first PET/CT system in the industry to use digital silicon photomultiplier detec- tors instead of traditional analog detectors, resulting in performance improvements that include an approxi- mately two-times increase in sensitivity gain, volumetric resolution and quantitative accuracy compared to analog systems. These improvements can ultimately be translated into high image quality, increased diagnostic confidence, improved treatment planning and faster workflows. Philips

What you want in a wireless DR The 7.3-pound CXDI-701C Wireless Digital Radiography detector is the first Canon detec- tor to incorporate additional customer-focused features such as enhanced liquid intrusion protection, on-board battery charging and impact detection. This easy-to-handle unit incorporates high-quality image sensors that

provide high-resolution images at a low dose as a result of a 125-mi- cron pixel pitch. This DR system aims to accelerate exams and maintain an efficient document workflow, allowing more time to focus on providing patient care. Canon U.S.A. Complete imaging informatics toolbox

The combined Synapse family of products provides management of the complete patient record to ensure diagnostic integrity while providing fast, secure access to clinical users via Web platforms or mobile devices. The heart of this integrated solution is the Synapse PACS, which can optimize productivity in any imaging

environment. Other system components include Synapse 3D for advanced visualization and analysis, Synapse Cardiovascular that creates signed cardiovascular-structured reports, Synapse RIS, Syn- apse VNA and Synapse Mobility. FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A.

Advanced medical image exchange analytics A major update to Accelarad, a cloud-based medical image sharing solution, includes advanced image exchange analytics reporting and a new user interface (UI). System mea- surements provide insights into workflow efficiency, such as seeing which physicians

and/or hospitals are using the system to view images, the number of facility scans, peak times and trends in referral patterns to gauge revenue loss or gain, and even the number of CDs eliminated by transitioning to the cloud. Accelarad 6 January 2014 J 2014 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Advanced whole-body MR imaging

Body imaging becomes clearer and clinicians are able to diagnose diseases in a timely manner more accurately using the Vantage Titan 3T MR. This system is equipped with advanced multi- phase RF transmission technology that reduces troublesome dielectric shading artifacts. The

Titan 3T MR is ideal for hospitals that require advanced MR imag- ing capabilities without having to sacrifice quality body images. The system makes 3T imaging more patient friendly with a 71-cm patient aperture. Toshiba h l h h

between clinical disciplines, new applications for a modality that overshadowed computed tomography for the fi rst time in years, continued expansion of ultrasound technology and supplier strategies for pressing forward under the Patient Protection and Aff ordable Care Act. Visit HMT online at for HMT’s exclusive report.

Table-top digital radiography system The compact and affordable CR 12-X com- puted radiography (CR) digitizer provides a solid transition pathway for private practices and clinics to go digital. This versatile unit is ideal for general radiography, orthopedic and chiro- practic practices, providing high image quality at throughputs up to 60 plates per hour via user- controllable speed and resolution. This system is easy to install and maintain, with networking capabilities that provide seamless integra- tion. The included MUSICA software handles all image processing automatically. Agfa HealthCare Integrate images into reports

Carestream demonstrated its work-in-progress, next-gen Vue PACS platform that is chock full of useful features, including embedding access to key image data using links within the report (which merges images into the reporting work- flow) and an innovative teleradiology module that gives remote radiologists access to prior

exams and automatically sends radiology reports to the requesting facility. Combining the radiologist’s diagnosis with links to key imaging data is intended to revolutionize the traditional reporting process. Carestream Read with anatomical intelligence

The latest innovation for the syngo.via routine 3D and advanced reading software is the syngo.via General Engine, available in version VA30. This package of automated and standardized applica- tions software “understands” human anatomy and prepares the images for diagnostic reading. It in-

cludes features such as Anatomical Range Presets, which displays a quick, precise, optimal view of selected anatomical regions, and an Advanced Reporting tool that helps radiologists create clear, well- structured reports for the referring or follow-up physicians. Siemens Healthcare

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