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Con t en t HMT Think Tank By Rick Dana Barlow ™

Eyeing tech development in 2020 Visual acuity no match for creative ideation in high-tech world

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s The Source for Healthcare Information Systems Solutions January 2014 Vol. 35, No. 1


Viewpoint By Rick Dana Barlow

Thought Leaders: Got speech recognition? By Juergen Fritsch, Ph.D., chief scientist, M*Modal.

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DEPARTMENTS Industry Watch: RSNA Coverage

HMT Dashboard: ICD-10


tech world Health Management T

Visual acuity no match for creative ideation in high- echnology reached out to group of executives in the data analytics

space to clear up some of the fog, including: Gary Palgon, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, Liaison Technologies; Ed Park, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Offi cer, athenahealth; Pallav Sharda, M.D., Director of Product Strategy, Omnicell Inc.; Juergen Fritsch, Chief Scientist, M*Modal; Ronald Razmi, CEO, Acupera; John Glaser, Ph.D., CEO, Health Services, Siemens Healthcare; Joe Petro, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Research and Development, Nuance Communications; Brad Ryan, General Manager of Payer and Provider Solutions, IMS Health; Chris Watson, Chief Marketing Offi cer, Brightree LLC; J.P. Fingado, President & CEO, API Healthcare; Lenny Reznik, Director of Marketing, Agfa HealthCare Corp.; Stuart Long, Chief Marketing and Sales Offi cer, Capsule Tech Inc.; David Caldwell, Executive Vice President, Certify Data Systems; Michael Dahlweid, M.D., Ph.D., General Manager, Product Management, GE Healthcare IT.


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Preventing clinical data exhaust streams It’s for effectiveness and effi ciency, not environmental, motives.Part 2 of HMT’s analytics January feature. By Rick Dana Barlow

14 Predictions for Healthcare in 2014 By Mansoor Khan, CEO, Alere Analytics



Two sides of telemedicine implementation: Clinical users and

solutions providers By Gorkem Sevinc, MS, CIIP; Paras Khandheria, M.D.; and Robert Kolodner, M.D.

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telemedicine implementation:


Population health management in a

clinically integrated network By Melanie Ezzell-Nelson

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