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SCC’s certified laboratory solutions

SCC’s laboratory and genetics information management system solutions accommodate clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology test ordering and reporting.

Our fully integrated systems eliminate the need for costly add-ons providing a seamless interface that links all clinical laboratory departments. Tremendous flexibility is provided to allow the distribution of data and results from the laboratory to the entire care provider network.

The right LIS can dramatically increase productivity in the laboratory enabling hospitals to focus on what’s really important … the patient.

SoftLab® 4.0.3 / 4.0.4 / 4.0.6 CCHIT CC-1112-100005-1

Learn more at S-AD-HMTECH-CORP-111213 SCC’s flagship SoftLab® LIS allows the laboratory to

operate as a revenue-generating business. Sophisti- cated laboratory-specific billing modules accomodate complex laboratory billing rules to maximize reimbursement.


enables technologists to look at the results of multiple instruments simultaneously, so one technologist can manage multiple instruments and easily compare one patient’s results on all the instruments at the same time. This improves patient care, increases speed of resulting, and enables clients to do more in less time with fewer FTEs. Autoverification functionality helps improve turnaround time and uses “tech-time” more efficiently.

SoftLab® fully accommodates EMR integration via HL7 or Web Services to meet Meaningful Use initiatives.

Call us for a demonstration. We’ll show you how SCC’s laboratory and genetics information management system solutions can automate your workflow to minimize the number of FTEs required to run the laboratory and decrease operating costs.


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