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● Workflow Solutions Guide

Throw away those pagers

TeleTracking’s mobileXT appli- cation for Apple iPhone and iPad devices eliminates the need for a pager or house phone to manage patient flow and capac- ity. EVS/Transport employees can update status instantly using a hospital’s secure WiFi network. Active managers can direct and monitor tasks from anywhere in the health system. No training is necessary if your staff is familiar with TeleTrack- ing’s TransportTracking and

BedTracking applications. Requires Capacity Management Suite 3.0.1 or higher. TeleTracking Technologies

Code blue gets automated

Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital is using Amcom Messenger to save time and improve patient safety in its new 72-bed building. The Hershey, PA, organization selected Amcom to improve code- blue notifications by

automating the process and reducing notification time. Amcom Messenger routes code blue alerts from the Rauland Responder 5 staff terminals in each patient room directly to the code team’s pagers. Staff members just hit a button on the wall, and the rest is automated. Amcom Software

Go paperless using smartphones and tablets

Canvas, a cloud-based software service from Sprint that allows busi- nesses to replace paper forms with efficient mobile forms and apps, unlocks the productivity of smart- phones and tablets with GPS func- tionality, image capture, bar code scanning, electronic signatures and access to business data. This HIPAA- compliant solution can be especially useful in gathering patient histories and basic check-in forms. Canvas users can choose and customize content from a library of more than

10,000 mobile business apps. Sprint 22 December 2013

Get asset tracking, fleet management, nurse call and more

After a six-month trial, Sentara Healthcare has selected Versus Advantages Asset Tracking and Fleet Management, powered by Versus’ real-time locating system (RTLS), to be implemented at its 10 hospitals in Virginia and North Carolina. Versus’ combination IR and RFID technology locates people and assets through the direct asso-

ciation of RTLS tag signals to sensors installed in each room. Sentara was also able to build its asset tracking system onto a Versus RTLS network already in use for nurse call automation. Versus Technology MU Stage 2 and patient communication

HealthWave Connect is a cloud-based messaging service that works with most certified EHRs to allow health- care providers to send out per- sonalized, customized messages based on each

patient’s individual care plan to improve patient outcomes. It provides two-way patient communication (so patients can respond back to their message) and patient calendar integra- tion, and gives physicians a vital tool to help comply with the meaningful-use Stage 2 standard. This solution speeds up appointment confirmations and saves a complete audit trail of communication. PhoneTree Improve hospital-wide patient throughput

MEDHOST is bringing its ED expertise to the rest of the hospital to eliminate sys- temic performance issues. PatientFlow HD is a Web- based, easy-to-use enter- prise -wide patient throughput solution that provides hospital executives with real-time, mission-criti-

cal facility, clinical and patient-centric data, such as 30-day readmissions, patients exceeding their reimbursed length of stay, observation status and patients occupying higher acuity beds than necessary. Providers can also leverage PatientFlow HD to comply with new patient-flow requirements issued December 2012 by The Joint Commission. MEDHOST


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