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● EMRs/EHRs Solutions Guide

Provider-to-provider secure info exchange

ZirMed Clinical Link harnesses the power of ZirMed’s connected network of healthcare providers to facilitate secure provider-to-provider communications from any EMR or information management system via ZirMed’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This HIPAA-compli- ant, provider-to-provider communica-

tion platform allows authenticated users to invite their referral network to join the secure network and easily exchange infor- mation. Providers can communicate directly with one another via secure messaging, as well as transfer administrative and vital clinical information via structured or unstructured data as attachments. ZirMed Greenway, Epic achieve EHR interoperability

Greenway Medical Technologies and Epic Systems have achieved interoperabil-

ity between their solutions to improve care coordination for thousands of patients that two of their customers in Lancaster, Penn., treat in common. The main development task in the project was for Epic to create a connection to Greenway’s PrimeSUITE to enable the exchange of industry-standard conti- nuity of care documents (CCDs) between a large OB/GYN practice and the local hospital-based health system. This “data liquidity” capability can be quickly replicated in other settings. Greenway, Epic Systems Practice management with integrated EHR

The Vitera Medical Manager EHR is a comprehensive cloud- based EHR, analytics and clinical transaction platform designed specifically for current Vitera customers. This

MU-certified solution aims to enhance practice performance, optimize revenue and improve patient outcomes. Ideal for practices with limited IT resources, this easy-to-use product comes pre-configured with specialty-specific content so physicians can focus on improving patient care. Vitera Intergy EHR (for larger and multispecialty practices) and Vitera Stat (for smaller practices) are also available. Vitera Healthcare Solutions Next-gen cloud-based EHR

The latest version of CareCloud Charts was designed in concert with dozens of physicians and group practices. It features new capabilities such as rapid chart- ing, intelligent task manage- ment and real-time patient flows to help doctors speed up clinical encounters while main-

taining control over office administration. This is a good choice for physicians looking for a more modern, pay-as-you-go, fast and usable EHR. CareCloud solutions let doctors access their practices 24/7 from Windows or Mac, and on any Web browser. CareCloud CPC EHR dashboard

The comprehensive primary care (CPC) initiative dashboard for the MedicsDocAssistant

EHR system automates reimbursement reporting through Medicare’s CPC initiative program. CPC offers financial incentives to primary care practices in designated states and regions that meet criteria for enhanced care coordination. The dashboard automatically tracks and reports on all required criteria needed by the practice to achieve CPC initiative compliance. Practices can also use the MedicsDocAssistant EHR to attain NCQA recognition as a patient centered medical home. ADS

Nursing manager with secure medical tablet

Working together, the Con- nectedHealth Nursing Manager Application (NMA) and ConnectedHealth Android Secure Medical Tablet automate the collec- tion of medical information for

patients in a clinical setting. The NMA automates the capture of data from medical devices such as glucose meters, weighing scales, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters via Blue- tooth technology. Running on the company’s medical tablet, the NMA provides a biometrics-secured platform to ensure patient security and privacy while transferring data to hospital systems. ConnectedHealth

22 October 2013


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