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Additionally, CDS technology supports a facility’s antibiotic de-escalation processes by providing real-time recommenda- tions and analytics through dashboards to end-users, notifying them of patient status updates, such as culture and sensitivity results and number of days a patient has been on antimicrobial therapy and specifi c broad- and narrow-spectrum medications (to administer per facility guidelines and practices). It also provides recommendations and reports to increase awareness of the number of days that a patient has been on IV therapy for possible conversion to an appropriate PO medication. T ese real-time data queries optimize treatment, improve out- comes and reduce associated costs. In addition, these queries quickly identify patients with a multi-drug-resistant organism (MDRO) who require isolation, and can advise clinicians re- garding appropriate isolation procedures based on the disease or condition of the patient.

Clinical surveillance in your care environment If your practice is manually handling clinical surveillance, keep in mind that payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) can be denied for not reporting on quality measures, HAIs and exceeding readmission thresholds.

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By 2014, 8 percent of CMS payments may be in jeopardy. If 8 percent dramatically impacts your bottom line, then implementing a CDS solution may be a wise approach. CDS enables clinicians to have a single view of patient information to allow actionable information to be delivered in real time at the point of care – when it matters most – in order to impact and improve the quality of care directly and immediately for both the individual patient and entire populations. With CMS guidelines continuing to include more CDS

requirements into their core measures, hospitals and physician practices should seriously consider this vital tool for clinical surveillance. It helps the analysis of key data that is required for antimicrobial stewardship and, in turn, ensures patient safety while reducing unnecessary costs in several ways, including the conversion of antibiotics to a narrower spectrum when appropriate, switching IV to PO, antimicrobial mismatching and appropriate antimicrobial selection. Once all these factors have been calculated, a 600-bed hospital can expect an annual savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars – and possibly up- wards of a million or more – by eff ectively harnessing patient data and providing actionable information where and when it’s needed.


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Don’t let your Health Information Connectiv- ity and Management vendor leave you with unanswered questions.

For many providers, the ability to estimate a patient’s financial responsibility prior to sub- mitting a claim is something that has been out of their reach. Not any more. ZirMed’s innovative, web-based patient estimation so- lution gives providers the ability to accurately estimate patient responsibility prior to the rendering of services without additional staff or cumbersomecontract management systems.

Stop by the ZirMed booth at MGMA 2013 (#607) and see a demo of patient estimation. You’ll finally stop asking why.


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