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This tablet has all the moves Lenovo’s 12.5-inch

ThinkPad Twist is a con- vertible, Windows 8 touch- optimized ultrabook that’s able to contort into lap- top, stand, tablet and tent modes. ThinkPad Twist packages up to third-gen- eration Intel Core i7 pro- cessors, up to Windows 8 Pro, optional 3G and large storage up to 500 GB or

128 GB SSD. Instant Resume technology wakes the ThinkPad from sleep in less than one second, and auto-sync technology allows easy and secure access to files anywhere, anytime and on any device. Lenovo

Wi-Fi handsets with safety in mind Spectralink SAFE for

Wi-Fi is a staff safety solu- tion for Spectralink 8441 and 8453 Wi-Fi handsets that aims to ensure rapid response to emergency situ- ations for mobile healthcare workers. Handsets come equipped with advanced “man-down” duress-alarm capabilities ranging from a user-initiated call for help to

automatic, multiple alarms that detect when an employee has fallen, is no longer moving or is running. This solution easily integrates into an organization’s existing mobile communica- tions infrastructure at no extra cost. Spectralink

Handheld recorder with security built in The redesigned Philips Pock-

et Memo professional recorder comes equipped with enhanced audio quality, real-time encryp- tion capabilities and PIN-code security settings, an integrated barcode scanner, a high-res color screen and productivity tools. The device features 3D microphone technology for

360-degree sound pickup. A built-in motion sensor notices when the device is idle or in use and automatically selects the best microphone setting. The unit integrates seamlessly with SpeechExec software (for voice file management) and Dragon speech-recognition software. Speech Processing Solutions Faster network backups

WD Arkeia network back-up appliances deliver an all-in-one back-up and disaster recovery solution for small- and medium-size businesses. The fourth-gen lineup consists of four rack-mount appliance models with raw capacity up to 48 TB (configured in RAID-6), faster proces- sors, increased memory

and integrated solid state drives (SSDs) to shorten back-up time and accelerate data recovery. The bundled WD Arkeia v10.1 software delivers support for “seed and feed” technol- ogy to support hybrid cloud backups. Western Digital

HIPAA-compliant secure text messaging Sprint offers healthcare organizations two new mes- saging services to address HIPAA compliance require- ments while keeping pa- tient information flowing efficiently and securely. TigerText is a robust, cross- carrier mobile messaging platform that has been ad- opted in more than 1,000

healthcare facilities in 38 states. For organizations that are more price sensitive and do not require all of the advanced features of a full-featured solution, Sprint Enterprise Mes- senger – Secure provides send-and-receive capabilities in a secure environment. Sprint

Predictive analytics for clinical engineering OnWatch for Clinical Networks is a new ap- plication of GE’s predic- tive analytics OnWatch technology that enables biomedical engineers to continuously monitor medical equipment and

receive alerts any time there is an outage, device malfunction or intrusion within a clinical network. Using this Web applica- tion-based system, in-house teams can identify and resolve ser- vice issues before they lead to crises by monitoring and view- ing reports on each networked device, minimizing unplanned downtime and the need for urgent maintenance events. GE Healthcare HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY September 2013 23

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