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● Decision Support Solutions Guide

Standardize the care transition process

The ZynxCare Transition of Care checklist delivers care plans for treatment standard- ization as patients move within acute care settings or between long-term care and

outpatient facilities. Care providers can benefit from evidence- based CDS at every step along the patient’s journey. This solu- tion enables organizations to meet regulatory requirements for meaningful-use Stage 2 requirements, value-based purchasing regarding the patient’s care experience, rehabilitation and pre- vention of healthcare-acquired conditions, and the CMS Read- missions Reduction Program. Zynx Health

Decision support in nine languages

UpToDate Anywhere enables health- care enterprises to improve patient care by equipping clinicians with anytime/ anywhere access to comprehensive, evidence-based, clinical decision support through Wolters Kluwer’s award-win- ning UpToDate mobile app. Clinicians can get actionable answers to point-of-care questions in nine different languages on-site or on the go. UpToDate is avail- able on iOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile platforms as well as via any Internet browser. Back-end tools for

healthcare IT admins streamline user registration and on-going user management. Wolters Kluwer Health

One-click wonder

PEPID’s Infobutton provides all members of the healthcare team access to clinical and patient information, labs and drug refer- ences at the touch of a button. All PEPID

content is accessible with one click, including patient educa- tion, drug information, clinical and disease reference, and more. Thousands of reference-specific resources can be accessed. This solution works with any hospital EHR system or patient portal and enables providers to access content-specific infor- mation integrated with patient data in the same workflow. PEPID

Proactive infection control

Alere Analytics’ Clinical Surveillance Solution for hospitals is an automated technology system designed to manage antimicrobial stewardship, infection control and medication

management. This solution provides a dashboard view of all patients currently being treated and includes a flexible, evi- dence-driven rules editor to help infection control personnel prevent HAIs, identify those at risk of new infections, take appropriate action in real time and prevent adverse events and readmissions. Alere Analytics Identify high-risk medications

The FDB High Risk Medication Module enables First Databank customers and other industry stakeholders to easily identify medications that are designated as high risk by the FDA and have a risk

evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) requirement. Designed specifically to be used within EHRs, pharmacy management systems and electronic prescribing systems, this solution aims to improve integrating REMS into the clinical workflow while eliminating the manual effort required to monitor REMS changes from drug manufacturers. First Databank

Get the Doc2Doc conversations flowing

HealthTap’s patient-doctor question- and-answer service, which has provided more than 600 million doctor answers to patients to date, is now extended to doctor-to-doctor communications. Using the Doc2Doc messaging platform, the Curbside-Consult enables physicians to easily and efficiently get immediate answers from a vast network of colleagues practicing in 128 specialties, resulting in better

outcomes and higher quality patient care. Answers are also made freely available to millions of patients and doctors for future reference. HealthTap

22 September 2013


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