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● RFID/RTLS/Asset Management Solutions Guide Track equipment, people in tight spaces

The Bed and Bay Sensor enables precise tracking of mobile equipment and patient and caregiver interac- tions in locations with tight bed spacing, such as the emergency department (ED) and pre- and post- anesthesia care. This system uses Awarepoint’s ZigBee-based infra- structure to route data from RTLS

tags on patients, personnel and assets to the aware360°Platform, allowing administrative users to capture care and therapy times, leverage real-time data to support clinical quality mea- sures, record productivity and drive workflows. Awarepoint

RTLS with integrated Wi-Fi

Radianse has inte- grated Wi-Fi capabili- ties into its patented 433-MHz active RFID tags and infrastruc- ture, so organizations can customize their installation to use their existing Wi-Fi network

to cover basic asset tracking and combine RFID, infrared and Wi-Fi technology. This is especially useful when high-level loca- tion accuracy is needed, such as tracking clinical patient flow and hand hygiene compliance. This solution reduces implemen- tation costs without compromising performance. Tag-free tracking for laptops, tablets and smartphones is also available. Radianse Monitor hand hygiene events in real time

This is not just another soap dispenser. It also monitors, measures and helps you manage hand hygiene participation. Powered by Versus’ real-time locating system (RTLS), SafeHaven automated hand hygiene monitoring provides unbiased,

accurate data to promote a culture of safety and accountability in your facility. The infrared and RFID technology used in this system accurately identifies individuals, registers their location and detects necessary hand hygiene events. Versus Technology Control high-dollar inventory

Hospitals can gain a powerful tool for man- aging expensive physician preference items (PPIs) such as stents, pacemakers, implants and orthopedic supplies by using McKesson radio frequency identifica- tion (RFID) cabinets to automate inven- tory control. A nurse can simply scan a badge, select the correct patient case with needed supplies and then go on rounds. The smart cabinet does the rest. Its built-in, low-touch technology automatically cap-

tures the supply data and updates the clinical case and inven- tory. McKesson VA standardizes on CenTrak RTLS

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has chosen CenTrak’s active-RTLS infrastructure to location-enable all of its 152 medical centers, 1,400 ancillary clinics and consolidated mail out- patient pharmacies as a subcon- tractor to HP Enterprise Services. This enterprise-wide RTLS infra- structure will automate managing

hundreds of thousands of mobile medical devices, impacting availability, utilization, shrinkage and patient safety. The Clini- cal-Grade Locating technology aims to facilitate workflow improvements, including mobile medical equipment utilization, sterile processing efficiency and temperature-sensitive con- sumables monitoring. CenTrak Plan and optimize your Wi-Fi network

The next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard will bring a number of improve- ments, resulting in increased data rates and capacity. But 802.11ac also makes network planning and analy-

sis more challenging. The Ekahau Site Survey version 6.0 (ESS) is a Wi-Fi design and deployment software tool that enables streamlined Wi-Fi network planning (both manual and automatic), site surveys, capacity estimation and administration. Automated access-point placement and channel optimization minimize interference and overlap to ensure adequate coverage. Ekahau

24 June 2013


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