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● RIS/PACS Solutions Guide Roentgen Works goes mobile

Roentgen Works, the platform that runs BRIT’s Roentgen Cloud DICOM sharing platform that includes 5 GB of free storage, is a browser-based solution that incorporates the latest technology for medical image sharing. Roentgen Works Version 1.5 features HTML-5 support for mobile devices, patient portals and enhanced image manipulation capabilities. WebWorks, the solution’s integrated viewer,

displays many image formats and includes specialized cine

tools for cardiac ultrasounds. BRIT Systems

VNA for system-wide data consolidation Enhanced image-sharing tools

New capabilities for Carestream’s Vue PACS include a vendor-neutral Vue Motion viewer that equips healthcare providers to conveniently share imaging studies/reports with clinicians and referring physicians. Its MyVue

patient portal, which allows patients to share images and reports, can boost patient satisfaction and earn additional referrals. The Vue RIS platform offers tools for radiation dose capture and tracking and is certified as both a complete EHR and an EHR module, making it an attractive offering for

hospitals and outpatient imaging centers. Carestream

Tops in KLAS radiology software

interWORKS has been ranked first place for

Synapse VNA (vendor-neutral archive) enables healthcare institutions to manage all types of data generated within their organization. Instead of the data being standards or non-standards based, Synapse VNA technology catalogs and maintains the data in a patient-centric model, allowing a single access point for EMRs and other systems. This solution aims to enhance image management, streamline workflow, reduce costs and, most importantly, improve patient care. Fujifilm Medical Systems Consolidate PACS workflow and more

The INFINITT PACS is a Web-based system that offers ultra-streamlined reading work- flow. RIS, PACS, Mammo PACS, Cardiology PACS, 3D and other applications operate on a single- database platform: single desktop, single sign-on and a common user interface across applications. This solution has been proven in more than 2,700 facilities worldwide and

achieved a no. 1 ranking in the “Top 20 Best in KLAS Reports: Software and Professional Services (Community Hospital)” in

2012 for the fourth year in a row. INFINITT

22 May 2013

Radiology (Community) in the “2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report for the second year in a row. This solution offers enter-

prise-wide radiology workflow management within a user- friendly, Web-based system that ensures radiologists, adminis- trators, technologists and other healthcare staff can securely and efficiently access needed information anywhere. Its native single-application, single-database design unifies RIS, PACS, dictation, transcription and report distribution into one platform

that encompasses all aspects of radiology workflow. Avreo

Remote cardiovascular image viewing

IMPAX CV Web+ transforms cardiovascular care delivery by providing physician access to cardiovascular images and reports regardless of location. This solution connects to all of an

integrated cardiovascular information system’s studies and modalities. The vendor-neutral technology provides full access to all necessary tool sets and measurements via the hospital network or Web. It leverages either Citrix or VMware infrastructure to provide IMPAX CV customers with secure

access to patient reports and images. Agfa HealthCare


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