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ANALYTICS Can ‘Big Data’ really save money – and lives? It’s all a numbers game when it comes to analytics, right? Well for Big Data, those numbers are looking up, according

to a new study of nearly 200 public IT offi cials. “Big Data and the Public Sector,” released by the TechAmerica Foundation and commissioned by software solutions giant SAP AG, reveals that Big Data can have big benefi ts that include: • Substantial budget cuts: Federal IT offi cials say real-time analytics of Big Data can help the government cut at least 10 percent annually from the federal budget, or about $1,200 per American, for example, by detecting improper healthcare payments before they occur. • Lifesaving potential: According to 87 percent of federal IT offi cials and 75 percent of state IT offi cials, the use of real-time Big Data solutions will save a signifi cant number of lives each year. For example, medical researchers can aggregate information about healthcare outcomes to reveal patterns that lead to more eff ective treatments and detection of outbreaks.

• Crime reduction: 75 percent of state IT offi cials see the practical benefi ts of Big Data in medicine and public safety as extremely benefi cial. Police departments are currently using Big Data technology to develop predictive models about when and where crimes are likely to occur.

T e survey also reveals cultural and practical barriers to adoption, including: privacy concerns (making sure Big Data does not equal Big Brother), high costs and return on investment (ROI). Learn more at


How do doctors feel about mobile healthcare apps?

Clinical information systems provider eClinicalWorks conducted an online survey with responses from 2,291 healthcare professionals in the United States. All interviews were conducted Jan. 18-24, 2013. T e sample included responses from 649 physicians.


The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) 2013 Annual Meeting, June 6-9, Grapevine-Dallas, Texas, is the place to discover today’s imaging informatics essentials and trends. Educational sessions, exhibit hall hours and networking opportunities provide dynamic interaction between practitioners and vendors.

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute 2013, June

12-14, Las Vegas, invites you to join thousands of health insurance decision makers to experience the industry’s premier educational event.

ANI: The 2013 HFMA National Institute, June 16-19, Orlando,

presents financial management how-to solutions for pressing chal- lenges like reform, value, clinical transformation, accountable care and revenue cycles.

SEPTEMBER The 2013 American Society for Healthcare Human Resources

Administration (ASHHRA) 49th Annual Conference & Exposition, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, Washington, D.C., will feature more than 150 exhibi- tors and plenty of opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing on state-of-the-art services in healthcare HR.


Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) 2013 Annual Conference, Oct. 6-9, San Diego, will host thousands of professionals engaged in managing the business of medicine. Practice administrators and physician leaders are highly encouraged to consider team participa- tion. More than 356 exhibiting companies shared their industry insights, products and services at MGMA12.

The 85th American Health Information Management Associa- tion (AHIMA) Convention & Exhibit, Oct. 26-30, Atlanta, will draw HIM professionals from all areas of health informatics and information management for an intense focus on HIM’s global transformation. Learn how to implement some of the most important changes in HIM history. Pre-convention workshops take place Oct. 26-27. HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY April 2013 5

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