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Reminder program for preop cleansing

StartClean was specifically designed to support initiatives at hospitals and other points of care to drive compliance with preoperative bathing instructions. The StartClean program combines a

chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) cleanser and sponges with an individualized service that sends reminders to comply with instructions via text message, email or voicemail in the days or hours leading up to a procedure. The reminder program includes individualized e-alerts, an easy-to-read patient education sheet and supplemental online resources for healthcare professionals. CareFusion Get nearly 100 percent uptime for carts

The HotSwap Mobile Power System for medical carts and other mobile medical devices is a complete package that frees users from needing to plug equip- ment into a wall outlet to

recharge internal batteries. The system consists of Anton/ Bauer DIONIC Logic Series batteries, InterActive chargers and the Gold Mount system, which provides users with nearly 100 percent uptime, since system batteries can be swapped in and out without having to shut down the

equipment being powered. Anton/Bauer MPS

Reduce costly visits to the ED

Telehealth Advisor provides two-way communication of physiological, education and compliance information between patients and providers. When patients answer

disease-specific questions and send detailed information about their health and well-being to the provider, the patient’s record is updated daily, giving the care team a clear understanding of the patient’s health and risks on a daily basis. As a result, providers can address changes in the patient’s health status and tailor care to the patient’s needs as they occur. McKesson HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY

Rural healthcare leaps forward

When citizens of Rochelle, Ill., (population 9,500) have a medical emergency, specialists who are miles away can assist with treatment decisions in real time. Thanks to the hospi-

tal’s Carestream Vue PACS and vendor-independent Vue Motion viewer, clinicians can quickly and easily view imaging studies, prior exams and reports from Web-en- abled devices, such as iPads. Vue Motion viewer even allows for the rapid transmission of echo cardiogram color video files. The Vue PACS solution interfaces smoothly with

the hospital’s EHR system. Carestream Health

Powerful tools for remote consults

Unlock the full power of telemedicine with the e5000 cart. This unit is equipped with high-definition video and audio in a compact, durable package that is easy to use and effortlessly mobile. It has a pan/tilt/ zoom camera, 22-inch high-definition LCD monitor with built-in speakers, codec, SLA battery power and microphone. It can be equipped with a locking drawer, work surface, storage basket and various other attachments for medical equipment. Enovate Care and collaboration all in one

Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 is a software telehealth platform that integrates high-definition video, advanced audio, third-party medical devices and collaboration tools to enable convenient access to high- quality patient care across any distance. This latest update includes features designed to make it easier and more cost effective to implement a customized telehealth solution,

including standards-based connectivity to medical and videoconferencing devices, customer choice of hardware and flexible deployment options (in-house or through a Cisco- certified partner). Cisco April 2013 23

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