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● Telemedicine Solutions Guide

Take telehealth to the next level

Online Care 6.0 provides organizations such as health plans, delivery networks and retail pharmacies with a convenient, all-in-one telehealth platform that connects consumers and

healthcare providers for immediate online visits anywhere, anytime. Key advancements include one-click care, mobile access via smartphone and tablet apps, a new experience as simple and easy to use as an e-commerce site and the ability to exchange vital data directly with EHRs and key medical devices. American Well Medical image accessibility 24/7

iConnect Access enables healthcare organizations to make images available securely – anywhere, at any time. With iConnect Access, physicians can view images from any browser-

based device and improve their workflow and interaction with patients. Imaging centers can use iConnect Access to strengthen relationships with referring physicians and expand their referral networks. This solution does not require any software download, so it eliminates the need for image-viewer IT support. Merge Healthcare Meet HIPAA security requirements

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has unveiled a comprehensive cloud and data center infrastructure portfolio specifically designed to help the healthcare industry meet HIPAA requirements for safeguarding

electronic protected health information (ePHI). The healthcare- enabled services, which include secure ePHI storage in Verizon’s Terremark data centers, are: Colocation, Managed Hosting, Enterprise Cloud, Enterprise Cloud Express Edition and Enterprise Cloud Private Edition. With the cloud, healthcare professionals can collaborate, share patient information in near real time and store large volumes of data for EHRs and radiology images. Verizon 22 April 2013

Reach patients beyond your four walls

AT&T Virtual Care telehealth solutions remove geographic and socioeconomic barriers to accessing health services,

medical specialists and educational resources for both healthcare professionals and patients. Virtual Care combines medical peripherals, medical software interfaces, video and networking to create compelling telehealth and patient monitoring solutions, enabling new options for patients and caregivers in remote locations. These solutions address the growing need to reach patients beyond traditional, bricks-and- mortar clinical environments. AT&T Extend your healthcare reach

Rubbermaid Telemedicine Cart solutions provide mobile, point-of-care platforms to connect doctors, specialists and clinicians to where patients are – whether in a hospital, clinic or residential facility. The T38 platform is customizable to address different telemedicine requirements, including medical device connection, high-definition video conferencing, platform computing, touch annotation and content sharing. Built on the best-in-class mobile

platform you’ve come to expect from Rubbermaid, the Rubbermaid Telemedicine Cart is expanding the availability of

healthcare across the globe. Rubbermaid

Simple, secure, affordable telemedicine

telyMed is a specialized video calling solution that enables life-saving diagnoses at a fraction of the cost of traditional


systems. The telyMed video calling appliance allows healthcare organizations to connect key medical teams instantly. The unit is placed in the medical center and enables a doctor to log in remotely via any Skype-enabled device for consultation anytime, anywhere, as well as connect to high-end videoconferencing systems via the SIP

communications standard. Tely Labs


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