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Mobile document management? McKesson has

an app for that Decrease turnaround times on deficiency comple- tions and improve your

cash flow with Horizon Patient Folder Mobile Deficiency Completion, a mobile solution that provides a more conve- nient way for physicians to complete document deficiencies by extending this functionality to wireless iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices.

Anton/Bauer demos nearly 100 percent uptime power

solution for mobile workstations Anton/Bauer’s HotSwap Mobile Power System is a complete package that provides mobile medical worksta- tion users with more freedom, because they no longer need to plug the equipment they are us- ing into a wall outlet to recharge the equipment’s internal battery. HotSwap system batteries can be swapped in and out without hav- ing to shut down the equipment being powered. This allows users to continuously use the cart with one charged set of batteries while the other set is recharging.

Expand your reach with a Rubbermaid

customizable telemedicine cart Rubbermaid Telemedicine Cart solu- tions provide mobile, point-of-care plat- forms to connect doctors, specialists and clinicians to where patients are – whether in a hospital, clinic or residential facility. The T38 platform is customizable to address different telemedicine require- ments, including: medical device connec- tion, high-definition video conferencing, platform computing, touch annotation and content sharing. Built on the best-in-class mobile platform you’ve come to expect from Rubbermaid, the Rubbermaid Tele- medicine Cart is expanding the availability of healthcare across the globe.

20 April 2013

athenahealth introduces athenaClarity, harmonizes data

across disparate claims systems athenahealth, a provider of cloud-based services for elec- tronic health record (EHR), practice management and care coordination, announced athenaClarity, a new cloud-based analytics service for medical groups and health systems to improve visibility into and management over the complex data that exists across caregiver networks and patient popula- tions. This solution harmonizes data across disparate practice management, clinical and claims systems; provides a single, cloud-based platform to develop insight from that data; and guides action at the point of care that aligns with revenue goals and care outcomes

Humetrix releases iBlueButton

mobile apps for Android Humetrix partnered with Intel to dem- onstrate the new release of its award-winning iBlueButton mobile apps for Intel Atom-based Android phones. This latest release of iBlueButton means that consumers who use a growing number of Intel-based Android smartphones – and soon Intel-powered Android tablets – will be able to securely exchange their medical records with physi- cians at the point of care.


innovation is in 3M’s DNA When 3M created its 360 Encompass System, it reached out to healthcare leaders for input on how they wanted to connect and automate both coding and documentation improvement – two critical factors related to ICD-10 and performance-based reimbursement.

TeleTracking unveils real-time

capacity management platform HIMSS13 was the preview site for the newest version of

TeleTracking’s Real-Time Capacity Management platform. The just-released Capacity Management Suite system version 3.0 integrates advanced patient flow, business intel- ligence and real-time locating system (RTLS) technologies to give hospital executives unmatched ability to manage the operations of their enterprises in real time.


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