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● Products and Services Transition at your own pace

IBM can help organi- zations move ahead of the curve with a phased approach to ICD-10 transition that enables

smart, cost-effective conversions. Options include the ICD-10 transformation and management solution, which enables users to control the migration of front-end systems and back-end data warehouses at their own pace, and the native remediation of systems to support ICD-10, an end- to-end implementation lifecycle that follows a structured approach for application changes across various languages and platforms. IBM

See IBM at HIMSS13 booth #1841

All-around ICD-10 training Elsevier’s MC Strategies has further enhanced its ICD-

10 Roadmap with EduCode Clinical Documentation Improvement eLearning, a comprehensive clinical docu- mentation curriculum that aims to address the increased specificity of ICD-10. Additional resources, including clinical documentation webinars and white papers, are also in the works. The company’s comprehensive, four-phased approach evaluates a staff’s individual educational needs, develops a plan to meet those needs, delivers online learn- ing to help the staff move to ICD-10 and measures overall organizational compliance and further training require- ments. Elsevier

See Elsevier at HIMSS13 booths #6118, 6129, MU, Clinical & Bus., ICD-10

Manage IT energy use and save cash

along the way The Ver- diem VBOX is a turnkey IT energy management

appliance that can help organizations gain up to 60 per- cent savings in IT energy costs for PCs, Macs, IP phones, switches/routers and other Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices. Based on a standard 1U server, this solution can also aid IT in managing the PC fleet more securely and reliably with an over 90 percent success rate in waking up PCs for software updates and patch management using network- friendly Wake-on-WAN technology. Verdiem

ED physician coding and billing RevCycle+ is a full-service revenue cycle solution that helps emergency physicians accelerate reimbursement. The technology-enabled services in- clude emergency department (ED) physician coding and billing, as well as revenue cycle management consulting

services. This solution applies sophisticated algorithms to deliver efficiency and accuracy, eliminating rework and ensuring compliance with the latest coding standards. The software-and-service option provides your coders with a sophisticated Web-based coding platform, Q&A and high- touch client support. Full-service coding and back-up coding services are also available. T-System See T-System at HIMSS13 booths #2219 and MU

Round-the-clock power for mobile workstations

The Power Swap System from Newcastle Systems en- ables the company’s NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations to operate 24 hours a day with no break for recharging. To run computers, printers, scales, testers, barcode scan- ners and other electronic

hardware, these easily maneuvered workstations provide clean, seamless AC power without the hassles of extension cords or ceiling drops. A unit with a depleted battery can be swapped with a fully charged one in only 30 seconds. Newcastle Systems

Hybrid platform provides non-stop faxing Biscom’s Hybrid Fax Platform includes a hosted cloud service and on-premise fax servers that all share an identical interface to keep your fax stream flowing. Fax administra- tors use the same software, FAXCOM Suite for Windows, to manage their on-premises fax server and access the hosted fax service. End users run the same desktop and Web clients to send/receive faxes. The FAXCOM Server’s reliability is supplemented by FAXCOM Anywhere, the hosted fax service, ensuring that users can always send and receive faxes, regardless of whether the fax server is down for maintenance or peak fax traffic exceeds available bandwidth. Acclaris, a developer of health exchanges that serves 30,000 customers and receives more than 5,000 fax pages daily, uses this system. Biscom See Biscom at HIMSS13 booth #5950


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