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● Carts & Mobile Computing Solutions Guide

Take your tablet for a spin

The height-adjustable Mobile Tablet Cart was created specifically to hold a tablet or iPad. Its settings of 30 to 48 inches from the floor provide easy and comfortable sit-to-stand positioning. This unit delivers a multitude of features and mounting options that can deliver the comfortable, ergonomic experience necessary for today’s on-the-move clinician, including stability and ease of movement on five, four-inch twin casters; a metal enclosure

for storage; left- or right-side sliding mouse tray; a small, 23- inch footprint and more. AFC Industries

See AFC Industries at HIMSS13 booth #7222

Redefining the mobile workstation

The LinkT mobile worksta- tion offers an innovative design that moves and nests into itself. This unit integrates well within a smaller footprint and allows for easy navigation to make face- to-face patient care more per- sonal. From a locked and nested position, the seat swings al- most a full 360 degrees around the base and can be adjusted quickly and easily. This unit also offers premium locking casters, a molded utility drawer and a

raised edge guard to keep items from falling off the desktop. Carstens

See Carstens at HIMSS13 booth #3969

Easy telemedicine on the go

The MD2GO remote HD IP camera system is an innovative telemedicine solution for modern physician-to-patient and physician-to-physi- cian communication. Using a standard Internet connection and a PC, healthcare professionals can interact with patients and colleagues from virtually anywhere in the world. This first-of-a- kind design provides an affordable and intuitive solution that enables any facility, regardless of financial resources or IT staff, to benefit from high-def video telemedicine. Sony

Wireless networking for hardwired facilities

MobileForce In-Wall AP (access point) from Futura Mobility leverages your existing network infrastructure us- ing Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technol- ogy to create a secure and reliable wireless network – even in traditionally troublesome areas. This product installs in minutes using your existing Ethernet jack in the wall, avoiding the hassle and

cost of traditional wireless installations. With up to seven indi- vidual security profiles, your patients and visitors will remain isolated from your EMR data. Futura Mobility See Futura Mobility at HIMSS13 booth #2457

Made especially for telemedicine

Rubbermaid Telemedicine Cart solutions provide mobile, point-of-care platforms to connect doctors, specialists and clinicians to where patients are – whether in hospitals, clinics or residential facilities. The T38 platform is manufactured top to bottom as a medical device data system for telemedicine with ease of use, interoperability and plug-n- play capabilities. Each cart can be customized to address different telemedicine requirements depending on the application, including medical device connection, high- def video conferencing, platform computing, touch annotation and content sharing. Rubbermaid

See Rubbermaid at HIMSS13 booth #3153

Mobile pediatrics with a smile

A hospital stay doesn’t have to be a scary, overwhelming experience for any child. Stinger’s imaginative and fun-themed pediatric mobile cart designs transport children from their hospital bed to the jungle, zoo, moon, circus or even a day at the farm. If you have kids as patients, you need kid-approved carts, too. Stinger’s playful mobile carts help your clinicians to document patient records and administer medications at the bedside with ease. Stinger Medical

See Stinger Medical at HIMSS13 booth #6928


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