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● ICD-10, Claims & Coding Solutions Guide

Optimize outpatient reimbursement

McKesson has expanded its Intelligent Coding portfolio

for emergency departments (EDs) to include observation services. The new module is designed to help hospitals automate coding when patients transfer between ED and observation areas. The aim is to recognize revenue for patient observation services in an easy, consistent and compliant manner, providing a detailed coding summary of observation charges. This module will also work with non-McKesson financial systems. McKesson Educate doctors on ICD-10

3M Health Information Systems has enriched its Web-based ICD-10 Education Program with 18 new physician education modules. Designed by 3M consulting experts, including physicians, nurses and

credentialed health information management professionals, the new modules provide comprehensive ICD-10 training based on medical specialty, allowing physicians to focus on the education most relevant to their work. Training is delivered over the Web, so it can be easily accessed and reviewed as frequently as needed.

3M Health Information Systems Training any way you need it

Optum ICD-10 Core Education is a

comprehensive training program to help hospitals ensure appropriate staff

members are fully prepared before the October 2014 deadline. This customizable, three-level solution provides a complete training program to meet the learning needs of physicians, nurses, coders, clinical documentation improvement special- ists and other hospital workers. Levels include: overview training, knowledge-based/skill-transfer and on-the-job training. Supplemental ICD-10 training options are also available, including on-site train-the-trainer sessions, dual coding and post-transition. Optum 22 January 2013 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY

Approach ICD-10 holistically

SSI has got you covered before and after October 1, 2014. The company’s 10Smart Solution

provides smooth ICD-10 conversion and helps protect your financial picture during the transition to ICD-10. 10Smart includes: ClaimSmart Suite, a fourth-generation RCM solution; A/Rchitect, a breakthrough platform that features an Analytics Suite and ICD-10 Assessment Tool; and ClickON ClearView

ICD-10, a claim-validation test harness. SSI

Medication decision support code set updated

An ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS revision is available for FDB MedKnowledge, a proprietary clinical drug knowledge program also used for clinical decision support. Clinicians use

the codes to record patient problems and when performing drug-disease decision support for drug-disease contraindica- tion screening, screening for drug side effects, drug indications and indication-specific drug dose checking. Since patient profiles will continue to contain ICD-9-CM codes for several years to come, FDB will continue to support ICD-9-CM codes. First Databank (FDB) Documentation and coding at the POC

ProVation MD replaces dictation and transcription and allows physicians to efficiently document procedures at the

point of care. ProVation software produces complete, coding-ready and image-enhanced documentation that aims for greater efficiency, increased profitability and clinician satisfaction. ProVation MD leads clinicians through the procedure documentation process quickly and automatically with intuitive navigation that drives revenue recovery and offers greater protection against RAC audits by automatically tying procedure documentation to reimbursement coding. Wolters Kluwer

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