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Honeywell redefines handheld scanners, adds Angry Birds capability


What if you could take one of those big, bulky, hand-scanner healthcare computers and shrink it

down to cell-phone size while building in new smartphone features? Well, Honeywell has done just that with its Dolphin 70e Black enterprise hybrid device. This pocket-size, ruggedized unit scans barcodes, accesses the Internet, cap- tures data and can withstand drops, dust and submersion in water. And yes, it even functions as a pager and makes phone calls. That means a nurse in a hospital, for example, could downsize to a single device to handle many of her daily communications and data-gathering tasks. Specs on this unit include: 4.3-inch capacitive-touch display, up to 12 hours of battery life with a user-replaceable battery, a weight of only 7 ounces and a thickness that comes in around 3/4 of an inch. The Dolphin Black will begin shipping with Windows or Android operating systems February 2013. Learn more at

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Virtual mobile intranet solves BYOD dilemma


IT professionals can create a private communications link that extends man-


Does your organization’s cod- ing compliance policy address upcoming challenges in clinical

documentation? “Defin- ing the Core Designated Clinical Documentation Set for Coding Compli- ance,” a new AHIMA white paper, explains why a coding compliance policy, updated at least once a year, is essential to an organization’s over- all compliance program. This valuable resource is authored by past presi- dent Bonnie S. Cassidy, MPA, RHIA, FAHIMA, FHIMSS. Download at

aged, secure intranet access to their Apple, Android and BlackBerry mobile users by using Rover Apps. This solu- tion has won approval in the financial and medical mar- kets by enabling cost-effective, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) appli- cations that re- quire anytime, anywhere ac- cess to sensi- tive, centrally stored data. Unlike virtual

private networks (VPNs), Rover Apps keeps all mobile de- vices off the network, giving them access only to specific resources. It provides a single container app that keeps the company’s information safe while providing policy enforcement at the application level, rather than forcing policy control on the entire device. Because company information is isolated from other mobile device informa- tion and settings, users are free to use their devices for personal apps as well as corporate access. This solution is available for self-service download at

the Rover Apps Store, where users can try it for free. Go to


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