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Displays, Monitors and TVs Solutions Guide Ultra-vivid color reproduction

Sony has released the world’s first medical-grade OLED monitor, the PVM-2551MD, which sports a 24.5-inch screen with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and a 10-bit color driver. What’s so special about organic light-emitting diode displays? Besides being very thin, they don’t use backlighting. Each pixel produces its own light, so

the blacks are truly black, which makes the contrast ratio very high. TRIMASTER EL technology enables the highest level of color accuracy, precision imaging and picture-quality consistency. Sony Monitor can handle all hands on deck

The 22-inch ViewSonic TD2220 is a multi-touch, full-HD, LED-backlit monitor with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, integrated speakers, DVI and VGA inputs, and a VESA-mount- able design. It boasts 20,000,000:1 mega

dynamic contrast ratio for sharp crisp images, SRS premium sound and Ecomode for up to 40 percent energy savings. This unit supports the USB HID Touch driver and is fully compatible with Windows 7. A three-year limited warranty and the maker’s strongest pixel performance guarantee are nice added touches. ViewSonic See it how you like it

The Interactive Arm VHD featuring Constant Force (CF) technology is a space-saving, large-display wall mount for multipur- pose use. The arm brings fluid, light-touch movement and full-motion functionality to screens that are 30 to 60 inches and 35 to 70 pounds. This unit extends

28 inches from the wall, retracts to 6.5 inches when not in use and provides up to 20 inches of vertical and horizontal adjust- ment. One display can now handle a gamut of sit or stand activities. Ergotron 22 December 2012 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY

Multi-set management and more

TeleHealth Services’ new line of Samsung LED hospital TVs combines traditional hospital-specific features with enhancements that promote patient satisfaction, optimize operational efficiency and

improve sustainability. Available as 26-, 32- and 40-inch units, these televisions provide a full-array LED backlight, a more compact cabinet, industry-leading energy savings and enhanced multi-set management capabilities. Samsung Interactive Remote Control for Hospitality (SIRCH) streamlines update implementa-

tions across all hospital TVs. TeleHealth Services

Provide an in-room theater experience

Panasonic’s new healthcare-grade display brings 42 inches of high- definition viewing to hospital rooms. The LRH50 is UL 60065 Annex Q certified to ensure

hospital safety standards are met for patient and waiting-room use. The display is also fully compatible with pillow-speaker interface systems, making it easy to integrate with existing in-room patient entertainment systems. Combined with the 32-inch TH-32LRH30U, Panasonic now offers a family of reliable,

healthcare-grade professional LCD display options. Panasonic

Unleash the power of video in healthcare

Enhance the patient experience with great picture quality for all entertainment and education video in patient rooms, lounges, lobbies and every other TV location in your facility. A Z-Band Television Signal Distribution System uses CAT cable for all of your RF and IP video needs. No more manual setup and adjust- ments – just plug and play for all adds, moves and changes. This solution is compatible with

high-definition video, patient interactive systems and nurse call. Z-Band

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