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issues members face closer to their occurrence via the portal, making my intervention relevant because the issue is more recent, instead of of- fering retrospective advice.”

End-user feedback from an online survey of

HCSC pilot participants indicates that: • 88 percent rated DiabetesManager as a “highly useful” tool to help them manage their diabetes (rated 4-5 on a five-point scale).

• 78 percent would continue to use the solution after the initial pilot period.

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help answer any questions and reach out to participants, as needed, confidentially. “Working on the mHealth DiabetesManager pilot has been rewarding and educational for me,” says HCSC’s case management nurse, Denise Harper-Saxon. “My interactions with the pilot participants have allowed me to respond to

• 93 percent would recommend the solution to someone else. We are able to learn from these findings and use them as a springboard for future mHealth solutions. As we drive to broad-based adoption, the feedback from patients and nurse case manag- ers is very encouraging. People are actually using these technologies to take control of their health and wellness, managing their disease and providing actionable information that the patient can use and their case manager or caregiver can act on and intervene when necessary. These results are promising; mHealth solutions really can make a difference for both patients and providers.



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