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Make visualization a hands-on experience

Sectra’s Visualization Table is a large, multi-touch screen built into a table that provides real-size 3D views of patient anatomy rendered from CT or MR images. Surgeons can use this tool to assist with surgical planning by manipulating the virtual body with their hands to become familiar with specific anatomy; localize vessels, muscles and skeletal

tissue; and study three-dimensional relationships. The table is powered by a tailored Sectra PACS workstation. Sectra Medical Systems Harness and optimize your big data

Centricity PACS 4.0 can consolidate disparate PACS data across the enterprise to simplify large-scale image management. This solution is designed to make radiologists’ lives easier and deliver images to any desktop or mobile device at any time using the Centricity Enterprise Archive, a cloud-enabled, vendor-neutral technology that stores petabytes of

data for thousands of GE customers worldwide. New usability features include: navigator with snap tool and timeline, single- click save and a “lights off” UI theme that decreases eye fatigue. GE Healthcare Get exceptional image quality wirelessly

The 24- x 30-cm wireless FDR D-EVO flat-panel detector com- bines the dose efficiency benefits of Fujifilm’s patented irradiation side sampling (ISS) technology with the image performance of Cesium Iodide. The innovative ISS technology is designed to improve detective quantum efficiency (DQE) by reducing the distance for light signals to reach the sensing electronics. By reducing scatter and blur, it produces ultra-sharp detail even at very low x-ray exposure. Other benefits include ease of use, easy

positioning and light weight. FUJIFILM Medical Systems

Share and collaborate via the cloud

The PeakeSecure portfolio offers a “minimally invasive” ap- proach to clinical and diagnostic viewing via virtualization and cloud computing. This innovative medical image-sharing platform includes a mix of services from image management and disaster recovery to advanced 3D visualization and cross-enterprise image exchange and workflow. The PACS-neutral archiving solution provides secure image sharing and thin- and zero-client imag- ing applications at straightforward subscription pricing. Peake Healthcare Innovations

High-quality imaging for smaller practices

The CR 10-X is an affordable, compact, table-top medical imaging digitizer that provides small hospitals and practices an economical path from analog to digital with all the benefits of superb digital image quality. Designed to fit in small spaces, the unit is optimized for a range of imaging exams from general radiography to orthopedic,

chiropractic and full-leg/full-spine (FLFS) applications. It offers high-resolution scanning of 100-µm pixels at a rate of 34 imaging

plates per hour in a single-cassette feed. Agfa HealthCare

Automate radiation dose reporting

NovaDose calculates cumulative patient, exam and modality ionizing radiation dose history and automatically reports the patient’s exam dose profile directly into the NovaRIS diagnostic report without dictation or manual entry. This new convenience increases ease of use, saves time and completely eliminates the need for a dedicated dose-monitoring server

at smaller facilities. This solution is available for NovaPACS sites of all sizes where ionizing radiation procedures are performed. Novarad


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