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Imaging/PACS/RIS Solutions Guide

Ultra-capable ultrasound The Aplio 500 offers picture- perfect imaging with advanced visualization features. Fly Thru, an industry first, provides a new perspective to 4D ultrasound, allowing clinicians to “fly through” interiors of fluid-filled ducts and vessels. Smart Fusion synchro- nizes CT or MR with ultrasound to locate hard-to-find lesions and aid in ultrasound-guided biopsies.

High-density Beamformer technology uses the most advanced digital signal processing to control the ultrasonic beams precisely and flexibly. Toshiba Wireless portable detectors share the wealth

Philips Healthcare now includes wireless portable detector (WPD) sharing functionality on its static and mobile digital radiogra- phy (DR) and digital radiography/ fluoroscopy (DRF) equipment. This capability addresses the need to provide a variety of digital imaging capabilities to patients while also keeping costs low. Facilities can substitute one detector per

modality with a single wireless portable detector, or the detector can be shared among multiple systems, allowing users to move

between solutions easily as the need arises. Philips Healthcare

Archive images in the cloud

Merge Honeycomb Archive is a new image-archiving application available within Merge’s

cloud-based platform. This solution provides a long-term storage option that houses images

securely, in multiple locations, to provide anywhere/any-time access. It delivers comprehensive functionality in a high-availabili- ty, high-security framework that meets HIPAA, HITECH and other privacy requirements. Capacity is easily added, and a SaaS-based payment model removes the burden of having to make large,

upfront capital expenditures. Merge Healthcare

28 November 2012 State-of-the-art x-ray for smaller budgets

Supporting the full spectrum of routine radiography at an affordable price, the Multix Fusion digital radiography system features state-of-the-art components, such as a digital cassette-size flat-panel detector, height-adjustable table with a 660-pound weight capacity and a touch screen at the overhead tube suspension for exam

parameter changes at the patient’s side. This solution combines innovation and price competitiveness – two components of Siemens Healthcare’s Agenda 2013 global initiative. Siemens Healthcare Sector CR/DR and PACS in a box

The Opal-Ortho PACS solution for orthopedic practices offers one single appliance that controls every aspect of orthopedics imaging, integrating the CR or DR solution and the PACS for optimal efficiency. This solution can easily fit in a large practice with many physicians or in private practices that do not have on-site IT staff. The upgraded appliance can

house 100,000 imaging studies, enough for several years of continuous operation. Mobile devices such as iPad tablets or

Android devices are easily integrated. Viztek

Upgrade your image

The 21-inch MultiSync MD211G3 medical diagnostic display is a 3-megapixel grayscale model ideal for medical imaging and PACS in hospitals, doctor offices, urgent care centers and other healthcare facilities. The monitor offers out-of-the-box factory DICOM calibration and uniformity control. Its ergonomic stand offers four-way functionality

that includes 150-mm height adjustment, tilt, pivot and swivel. An optional GammaCompMD QA Server provides computer networks with centralized control and management of multiple display

systems. NEC Display Solutions of America


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