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Products and Services

Easy approvals for mobile warriors dcLINK MOBILEApps Inquiries and Approvals is a pre-packaged suite of applications that mobilizes common administrative tasks, such as approving expenses, invoices and purchase orders, as well as reviewing inventory avail- ability, work orders and sales orders, to assist in the decision- making process. These applications are designed to work on prominent smartphones, tablets and other consumer-grade devices, including those from Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. This allows management personnel to complete key business activities anywhere work takes them. Data Systems International (DSI)

It’s a tablet and a notebook Ideal for on-your-feet com- puting in healthcare environ- ments, the STYLISTIC Q702 business hybrid tablet features an 11.6-inch anti-glare, ultra- durable, multi-touch display for pen or touch input, and attachable keyboard docking

station that turns this sleek unit into a traditional notebook complete with WLAN, USB and VGA connectivity and extra battery power. Powered by a third-generation Intel Core i3 or i5 processor and weighing less than two pounds, this solution includes iron-clad security features, onboard 4-GB DDR3 and 64- or 128-GB mSATA SSD. Fujitsu

Maximize clinician time at the point of care From its lightweight size to its compact footprint, the ST7 Flex Mobile Workstation is a sturdy, quiet and maneuverable com- puter cart that goes wherever clinicians go. This cart is available in multiple configurations and features adjustable surfaces and heights. With optional electronic locking drawers, bar code scan- ner holder, and ergonomic and

adjustable features, this unit adapts quickly to each clini- cian’s needs. A one-hour-recharge, long-life LiFe battery lets clinicians keep a cart with them for an entire shift. Stanley Healthcare Solutions

Optimize, streamline central monitoring The IntelliVue In-

formation Center iX (PIIC iX) brings to- gether data from vari- ous IntelliVue patient monitors and devices. This solution supports care-quality initiatives

with personalized and consolidated views and clinical decision support (CDS) tools to help clinicians clearly see patient sta- tus and changes in a patient’s condition. Physicians can view trends remotely via Web or iPad. This solution meets hospital IT demands for secure, standards-based, interoperable tech- nology that easily integrates into its existing IT infrastructure while interfacing with EMRs. Philips Healthcare

30 October 2012

Android-based enterprise digital assistant The Dolphin 7800 Android is a rug- ged handheld computer with fast and accurate data capture and navigation capabilities. What sets this unit apart from other products is a suite of secu- rity features. Companies that issue the device to their employees have the abil- ity to remotely secure a lost unit. With Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind 3.0 device management software, businesses also can enroll and configure devices, track company assets and enforce strong password protection. Honeywell

Oracle Health Sciences Network unveiled The Oracle Health Sciences Network is a portfolio of integrated, cloud-based applications that enable healthcare providers and research institutions to collaborate more ef- ficiently with life sciences organizations using de-identified healthcare information. This solution is the result of Oracle’s close collaboration with Aurora Health Care and UPMC. The endeavor’s first two applications, Oracle Health Sci- ences Protocol Validator and Oracle Health Sciences Patient Recruiter, together enable clinical investigators to rapidly identify patient cohorts, determine protocol feasibility and recruit consented patients for clinical studies based on clinical and genomic characteristics. Oracle


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