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Barcoding/RFID/RTLS/Asset Tracking A breath of fresh air

Mobile solutions increase accuracy for medical equipment and oxygen respiratory supplier. By Kenneth Suter

s industry, government and private insurance rules and regulations continue to evolve, the number of requirements necessary to maintain compliance seem to increase exponentially. For many companies, keeping up with these requirements means that the proven tracking systems they’ve used for years are no longer enough to keep up, especially when those tracking systems are manual. Advancements in mobile technologies have created an op- portunity to automate data collection processes and eliminate paper-based record keeping. Ultimately, this will not only save medical supply companies time and money, but it will also in-


crease inventory accuracy and accountability, helping to more easily and efficiently maintain compliance with the ever-changing regulations. Family Respiratory and Medical Supply Corporation, a full-service durable medical equipment (DME) and oxygen respiratory supplier, looked to a mobile proof-of-delivery (POD) system to surmount its growing compliance frustrations. Founded in 1990, Family Respiratory is one of less than 100,000 providers nationwide, and in the top 3 percent in billing, that specializes in home oxygen CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure) products and services. The preferred provider for nine contracted patient-care facilities and hospitals in the area, Family Respiratory helps with the patient discharge process by offering products and services that extend facili- ties’ care into patients’ homes.


The healthcare indus- try is filled with stringent regulations and volumes of paperwork, so Family Respiratory sought a solu- tion that would stream-

Kenneth Suter is president and CEO of Family Respiratory and Medical Supply Corporation Inc. For more on Barcoding Inc.:

line its processes and ensure accountability. Because the products the company supplies to its patients are considered hazardous materials, they are strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal and state agencies. It is imperative for Family Respiratory to maintain a high level of inventory control and traceability – knowing exactly where each product is at any given time – to remain in compliance.

Barcoded liquid oxygen tank from Family Respiratory and Medical Supply Corporation

14 August 2012

In addition to federal and state regulations, Family Respira- tory must also abide by the detailed rules and requirements of private insurance companies and Medicare. Many of the products the company delivers to its patients are billed back to insurance and Medicare, so the details, accountability and ac- curacy of the associated paperwork are of utmost importance. A large percentage of Family Respiratory’s business is conducted in the field when servicing patients. Dealing with hardcopy paperwork and disconnected field technicians


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