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Wireless Solutions Guide iPad EHR application

The Allscripts Wand provides users of Allscripts EHRs a unique, native iPad application that extends the most commonly used functions of the company’s professional and enterprise solutions. The intuitive interface allows clinicians to review a chart quickly before entering the exam room, input real-time information, such as vitals and medications from the exam room, and access EHR information after hours. The developers employed human performance model- ing, the technique used by NASA to predict and improve pilot performance, to ensure that user input translated into the final product. Allscripts

RTLS solution is all-around winner Awarepoint’s aware360°Suite translates real-time data into actionable intelligence by enabling hospitals and health systems to monitor the location of patients, staff and assets. Users can aggregate that information with their scheduling systems and EHRs to improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, enhance equipment workflow and augment staff pro- ductivity across the enterprise. Solution modules include: awareAssets, awarePatientCare, awareCareTeam, awareSurgical, awareED and awareRadiology. The awareHandHygiene module has infection prevention covered by ensuring hand-hygiene compliance by physi- cians, nurses and other employees. Awarepoint

Universal, cloud-based fleet management MobileForce Fleet Management is a cloud-based system that allows healthcare providers to easily manage their mobile carts and power systems anytime, anywhere. This solution was developed on a vendor-agnostic mobility platform, so users have total flexibility as to device, cart and power system integration. Users get real-time data on key metrics, including estimated run time, remaining charge percentage and temperature. The system offers predictive analysis, utilization dashboards and direct alerts. A centralized, Web-based portal includes an exception-based notifications module to streamline important communications. Futura Mobility

Next-gen Wi-Fi RTLS staff badge/pager The Ekahau B4 Staff Badge and Pager features an OLED text display and multiple buttons that allow users to receive text messages over Wi-Fi and acknowledge receipt or initiate calls and alarms. A unique feature is a built-in alarm switch for staff duress events. The B4 badge builds on Ekahau’s T301BD staff badge, which is being phased out of production. The B4 is more rugged and incorporates the latest SOC (system on a chip) Wi-Fi 802.11g radio, CPU and memory. Ekahau

All-in-one computing just for healthcare With low power consumption, advanced performance and a sleek, versatile design, the GammaTech A22i was specifically engineered for the medical industry. This feature-rich, 22-inch high-def touch-screen convert- ible tablet includes Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform, third-generation i-Core CPU and Rapid Start Technology. The 10.65-pound, 1-inch-thick unit can run on battery power if needed and can be securely docked using its VESA

mounting capability on medical carts. Two DDR3 memory slots provide up to 8 GB of memory with support for SATA 3.0. Includes Intel Wi-Fi b/g/n; Bluetooth option available. GammaTech

A new computing lifeline The 14-inch LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook is distinguished by its frameless WXGA HD Crystal View display deliver- ing edge-to-edge viewing and support for an optional port replicator for easy docking/connecting to an external monitor, mouse and/or keyboard. This unit sports an ultra-slim .69-inch profile, a weight of only 3.15 pounds, a fast boot up and approximately seven hours of battery life. This computer is one of the first Ultrabook devices to offer a large HDD with SSD cache in the thinnest profile available for the commercial market. Optional 3G WWAN available. Fujitsu America


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