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The Vault’s Tier III operations center runs 24x7 to serve more than 3,000 caregivers and other customers.

tute, a worldwide organization recognized for its credibility in validating enterprise and managed-service data centers. More good news came to St. Charles in October 2011, when the Vault received LEED Gold, making it one of only five data centers worldwide to achieve this level of recognized sustainability.

The savings envisioned for this project have materialized for St. Charles. It reduced its co-location power costs by 30 percent. And now, just one year after moving into the Vault, it is still on target to receive a five-year ROI of $7.1 million,

and is tracking to its planned capacity and build-out, as well. Reflecting on the experience of transitioning from a data center in a different region to the partnership with Bend- Broadband, Janego says, “The Vault has provided St. Charles Health System the chance to focus on our core mission and attend to the needs of our health system. With the Vault in place, we are now focused on the most important things: the health of our patients and the community we serve.” And when it comes to healthcare, that’s really what it’s HMT

all about.

Your hospital may have been selected to take part in CDC’s new National Hospital Care Survey (NHCS).

Participation in the survey will include completion of a short, self-administered facility questionnaire and electronic submission of Uniform Bill (UB)-04 data (administrative claims) to a secure site on a recurring basis.

Health Information Management professional staff members are eligible for free continuing education credits after completion of an on-line training about participating in NHCS.

“The National Hospital Care Survey (NHCS) is a new survey that will gather critical information on impor- tant issues facing our health care system from a wide variety of sources across hospital settings. Your par- ticipation in this survey is vital in order to gather the information needed to make our health care system even better and more safe than it is now. Thank you in advance for your participation.”

Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention For more information, visit


August 2012 9

National Hospital Care Survey

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