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To Janego, this solution illustrates their partnership: “Al- lowing our team in on the ground floor of the design process was about as big a show of trust as you can dream of,” he says. The design team also incorporated green technology into other aspects of the building design. From pervious pavement that allows water to seep naturally into the ground to wall insulation made from recycled denim jeans, it incorporated every sustainable building technique possible. “Many of these investments make short-term business people scratch their heads,” Janego says. “But we want to invest in sustainable technology that would not only survive, but thrive in tough times, while making as small an impact to our environment as possible.” It took St. Charles approximately nine months to move its data from the previous location to the Vault, with a huge amount of upfront planning. It completed the actual cutover in stages. St. Charles rehearsed and practiced the move with non-critical systems and moved its clinical systems last. “Virtualization of our servers made the move possible,” Janego says. “With the limited downtime window we had, it was critical to use this technology to actually move our computing assets.”

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A datahall row with conditioned air inlet on the far wall.

At its former location, St. Charles had a primary fiber route and secondary route, and did fail-over testing periodi- cally to ensure both 1-GB circuits worked as designed. St. Charles now has fully redundant 4-GB connections to the Vault at a much lower cost.

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8 August 2012

By April 2011, St. Charles’ data had been successfully shifted from its former location in Portland to the Vault, serving more than 3,000 caregivers. The health system also stores patient health records adding up to more than 1 million patient encounters since 2009. Two months later in June, St. Charles was notified that

the Vault received Tier III certification, including awards for both design and building construction from the Uptime Insti-


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