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Cloud Computing Solutions Guide

Virtualization for x86 users BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud (BCFC) is an integrated virtualization platform with built-in system management and preconfi gured with servers, storage and networking. This solution is powered by the new generation of IBM BladeCenter HS23 systems that offer 62 percent more compute power, and comes integrated with the new 10GbE Virtual Fabric technol- ogy that enables clients to run 20 percent more virtual machines, creating an optimal environment for building and deploying advanced cloud applications. IBM

Cloud solution for collaborative care PrimeDATACLOUD leverages cloud technology to enable HIPAA-compliant access to patient and practitioner records in a secure environment that facilitates virtual collaboration. This platform recognizes and aggregates data from various EHR and health information system (HIS) platforms and allows practices to engage with health information exchanges (HIE) and other data-sharing avenues, opening the door to a wide range of analysis opportunities beyond the walls of a single practice. This innovation brings a wealth of information together at one source, and is accessible through PrimeSUITE, secure Web services or directly from a browser. Greenway Medical Technologies

High-availability virtual storage The powerful new combination of EMC VPLEX virtual storage with EMC RecoverPoint data protection delivers the industry’s fi rst solution to combine active-active data centers with third-site disaster recovery protection. With 40 percent more performance, new performance monitoring and two times the scale of previous versions, EMC VPLEX can be deployed to an even greater number of IT environments, including VMware vSphere and Oracle RAC. This virtual storage solution simplifi es virtual environments by enabling the same data to be accessible simultaneously across virtual servers. EMC

Share and archive images in the cloud With imaging accounting for up to 90 percent of all data stored in EHRs, image availability and exchange are critical to delivering quality patient care. Merge Honeycomb Archive is a solid solution. This easily scalable image archiving application provides a long-term storage option that houses images securely, in multiple locations, to provide anywhere, any-time access. It delivers comprehensive functionality in a high-availability, high-security framework that meets HIPAA, HITECH and other privacy requirements. Merge Honeycomb Image Sharing enables users to upload, download, view and share medical images with other providers or even with patients. Merge Healthcare

Manage big data in the cloud NaviCloud Intelligent Storage (NCIS) offers IT an easy-to-manage, secure and reliable managed cloud storage solution that complements existing storage and retention requirements while also addressing several new business needs around mobility and on-demand storage. Leveraging the EMC Atmos cloud storage platform, NCIS allows NaviSite to offer: storage-as-a-service on a pay-per-use basis, mobile fi le share and endpoint backup, archival storage and recovery, and network attached storage (NAS) extension that allows for longer use of legacy systems. NaviSite

Online repository for healthcare info and more The Permivault cloud-based storage service expands upon Fujifi lm Medical Systems’ Synapse Managed Services platform to help customers solve their long-term storage, disaster recovery and archiving requirements with a simple, cost-effective cloud solution. This service is designed for health and medical data management, but it is also available for any customer requiring fi le-based storage. It provides both on-premise and off-site solutions. StrongBox secure storage architecture leverages linear tape fi le system (LTFS) technology to combine the unparalleled scalability of tape with the speed and accessibility of disk. FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A. 20 July 2012 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY

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