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Products and Services

Make the move to smartphone communications

Amcom Mobile Connect (AMC) Select, developed in partnership with USA Mobility Wireless, enables critical messages sent to USA Mobility Wireless pager numbers to be received on smartphones instead of pagers. This application offers hospitals an easy method of moving to smartphone communications for physicians and other staff members who wish to use a single device for encrypted, critical mes- sages. The solution uses industry-standard best practices to help ensure the protection of sensitive ePHI in accordance with guidelines from HIPAA and the HITECH Act. Amcom Software

Scan card info right into an EHR The ScanOCR features the exclu- sive, patent-pending Local Templat- ing functionality, which “reads” in- formation and provides editable data to other computer applications. The data can be used to auto-populate fi elds in practice management (PM), EHR or any other document manage- ment software or database. Users can quickly and easily match fi elds and create a map or “template” of any unknown or new card or document. Once a new template is created, that

item will OCR without issue going forward. INUVIO

Build a trusted community MedNX delivers end-to-end, trusted connections within healthcare communities using a cloud-based solution that protects health information exchange between labs, hospitals and providers. This solution eliminates vulnerabilities so that customers exceed regulatory requirements by ensuring all access is secure, controlled and audited. MedNX trusted communities connect lab companies with physician offi ces, hosted EMRs with client locations and hospitals with their clinics. Real- time tracking and monitoring/auditing tools and trusted electronic document delivery and reporting services are key components. ANX

Verify medical necessity According to a recent AHA survey of more than 2,000 hospitals, nearly 80 percent list medical neces- sity as the organization’s top reason for complex denials. Payers can get a better handle on this issue by using InSight Medical Necessity to ensure compliance with authorization requirements. This recently updated solution includes customizable keyword picklists, commercial payer prior authorization coverage for ensuring accurate patient access checks and expanded reporting capa- bilities that identify medical necessity results by CPT code and physician. Craneware

Informatics gets an upgrade Originally designed for public health information exchang- es (HIEs) at regional, state and national levels, HealthShare has been rearchitected to deliver the advanced technologies needed by integrated delivery networks (IDNs). This uni- fi ed platform software can intelligently aggregate and unlock patient data across systems to drive informed actions aimed to improve patient outcomes and operational effi ciency. The solution includes the patented InterSystems iKnow technol- ogy for using unstructured healthcare data and Active Analyt- ics technology, which provides access to up-to-the-minute patient data and can deliver notifi cations. InterSystems

Cloud storage protection for WD Sentinel

servers Western Digital has partnered with KeepVault to provide WD Sentinel DX4000 storage server owners with an offsite data storage service. WD Sentinel storage servers act as an on-site cloud storage solution for small to medium-size businesses (SMB). The addition of KeepVault provides an integrated, offsite backup and disaster-recovery solution for SMBs’ most important information. The service integrates seamlessly into the administration dashboard, and the user can choose to compress and/or encrypt data while backing it up to the cloud. Western Digital

22 July 2012


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