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Products and Services Cloud-based PACS

for small offi ces NovaPACS Express was designed

specifi cally for small medical offi ces that generate up to 20 studies per day and use up to two modalities. The PACS includes a complete diagnostic tool set with standard viewing features (window level, colorize, Cobb angle, zoom, pan, scroll, etc.) and seven-year off-site NovaCloud archive protection. Low per-study fee pricing is a key benefi t. The easy setup of a plug-and-play DICOM image routing ap- pliance means physicians can begin reading studies on their own hardware in no time. Novarad

Redefi ning cart fl exibility

Designed with an open architecture and fully modular assembly, the VHRC Series cart allows a wide variety of computer equipment, patient monitors and other medical equipment to be combined in one single workstation that addresses specialized application needs. Many modular options are avail- able, including a popular laptop enclosure, slide-out keyboard and locking drawer, andwer multiple fl at-panel and monitor mounts. Prod- uct benefi ts include: compatibility to accept any GCX channel-mounted components, a space-saving footprint and strong aluminum construction. GCX Corporation

ure and ries cart ipment,

uipment tation


nts. Prod- accept

nts, a um

Virtual computing with a view

powerful ing solut

The 22-inch, widescreen P Series Network Monitor (N2210WZ) uses a Teradici PCoIP (PC-over-IP) chipset and VMware to deliver a powerful and secure virtual comput- ing solution. This LED-backlit unit

is fully compatible with VMware View Virtual Desktop Environments. True zero-client devices eliminate the need for additional CPUs, operating systems, device drivers and anti-virus management, making multi-station computer labs easier than ever and helping to cut back on computer system building, maintenance and energy costs. LG

30 June 2012

Industrial-strength labeler 3M and DYMO have partnered to create


the Portable Labeler PL150, the fi rst in this line of solutions to feature a computer- style (QWERTY) keyboard. This device can be used to easily label wires, cables, modules, panels and blocks in addition to creating custom flags or vertical labels. The unit prints on a range of label

this r- e

materials, including heat shrink, for long-lasting indicators that can stick to challenging surfaces. New label colors meet ANSI and ISO standards. One-touch formatting keys enable quick creation of specialty labels. 3M Electrical Markets Division; DYMO

bel ong lasting indicators Super-cool workstation

with swappable parts The HP Z1 is a solid choice for healthcare environments that require high reliability and easy serviceability from the point of care to telemedicine, EMR systems and PACS. This compact, all-in-one system is designed to reduce overall acoustic output levels, provide extremely effi cient heat removal from processors and simplify servicing and upgrades. Features include a huge 27-inch display that supports more than a billion colors, blazingly fast rendering and performance, and a tool-less chassis that snaps open so users can easily swap out parts. HP


Improve Rx inventory control Hospital pharmacies across the U.S. are transforming their opera- tions using McKesson’s pharmacy

automation solutions, including its Right- Stock inventory management feature. Exclusive to McKesson’s AcuDose-Rx medication dispensing cabinets, Right- Stock’s “set it and forget it” features op- timize inventory for each cabinet automatically

autom Stock clu

medic Stock

on a daily basis, preventing costly medication stock-outs and minimizing waste. Benefi ts include signifi cant cost reduc- tions, improved medication availability and greatly enhanced workfl ow. It also reduces the time needed for pharmacists to analyze reports and make inventory decisions. McKesson


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