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Make supplemental documentation submission a snap NaviNet Doc Xchange enables providers to send content-agnostic medical documentation electronically and securely to a variety of trading partners, including other provider offi ces and hospitals, health plans, government organizations and health information exchanges (HIEs). This solution eliminates mail- and fax-based submissions to streamline common healthcare processes. The impact to the provider revenue cycle can be signifi cant, because delays in the settlement of a claim average 30 to 45 days when additional documentation is required, according to Empire Medical Services (EMS) and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI). NaviNet

Remote Hosting for revenue cycle and identity management The QuadraMed Remote Hosting Service enables clients to reap the benefi ts of the

company’s Identity Management, Revenue Cycle Management and Health Information Management solutions without the capital expenditures and staffi ng requirements associ- ated with in-house hardware implementation, maintenance and monitoring. This solution is a great choice for organizations looking to alleviate the pressure on their in-house data center to devote more time to industry-wide mandates, such as demonstrating meaningful use. Downtime reduction and enhanced disaster recovery are other key benefi ts. QuadraMed

Certifi ed for 5010 and pharmacy claims INTERACTANT is 5010 certifi ed to meet the upcoming mandates issued by Health and Human Services (HHS) to move from HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010. 5010 fi les have been accepted using INTERACTANT since November 2010. HCS has received HIPAA 5010 certifi cation through Edifecs, a CAQH CPRE-authorized testing vendor, for the 837I EDI Health Care Claim - Institutional and 837P EDI Health Care Claim - Professional. INTERACTANT has also completed D.0 certifi cation testing through Medco Health Solutions, Inc. Previously 5.1 claims, INTERACTANT is now D.0 certifi ed for institutional pharmacy claim transactions. Health Care Software (HCS)

Customer service anywhere, anytime Customer Process Manager (CPM) enables organizations to deliver exceptional customer service anywhere, extending service to every customer channel, including via mobile devices and social media. This solution aims to ease work manage- ment with improved case management and knowledge management features, making sure that call center staff have the right information at the right time. Users can defi ne customer service processes once and use them everywhere, including on mobile devices and in social media channels such as Facebook. Pegasystems

Get proactive and get paid NextCare Patient Population Management integrates with NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen Practice Manage- ment to automate contact with patients. Physicians can enhance care by ensuring patients are in compliance with treatment plans. The revenue associated with proactive patient communication and care is tracked, captured and processed through the integrated administrative workfl ow enabled by NextGen Practice Management. The redesigned EHR system boasts automated outcomes reporting, enhanced disease management workfl ows and content for more than 25 specialties. Next- Gen Healthcare Information Systems

Speed up payment for implants LaClaro, maker of the Lighthouse revenue cycle management technology, has a new solution to help pinpoint problems, evaluate the profi tability of implant procedures and identify ways to speed up the payment cycle by leveraging new data analysis for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). The new service offers a one-time Implant Payment Analysis report that drills deeply into two years of an ASC’s claims data and surfaces with a concise report on accounts receivables (A/R), payer history and revenue performance, comparing the overall A/R timeline for claims with and without implants. LaClaro


May 2012


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