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power system architecture uses a lower voltage compared to AC solutions. In addition, the power systems are equipped with smart electronics – a microchip on each battery pack – to balance the power draw and condition the battery to provide optimal performance and reliability.

As a result, the new Flo 1760 units have solved the prob- lem at Hamilton Medical Center.

“Now our nurses are getting through 12-hour shifts without any problems,” says Brown. “I’m not hearing any complaints, which means they’re doing the job.” The improved power capacity is also opening the way for more technology at the point of care. The facility is launch- ing vital-signs monitoring on the Flo 1760 workstations with Li-Nano power systems. The hospital is also planning to add supply management functionality to enhance effi ciency. Metro workstations will support these ongoing upgrades because they are designed to change as technology needs evolve. Power systems, monitors, storage and accessories can be fi eld-upgraded through Metro Outlast, part of the Metro ESP Enhanced Service Program.

In addition to improving performance, the switch to Li- Nano is also making life easier for the facility’s IT staff. “With Li-Nano, I can’t remember the last time we had a service call about them. It’s really made a big difference,” says Donna Grooms, network analyst. “It’s a big job keeping the carts running; that’s why batteries are important. I don’t have to spend so much time on it.”

The integrated design that makes Metro Flo Series work-

T e Whitestone™ Radiology Dream Station

▶Electronic adjustment of surface height & tilt, monitor height & focal length

▶Bracket for large monitors up to 50 lbs ▶LED backlighting with a dimmer switch

Metro’s fully integrated workstations are designed to use power effi ciently, which further enhances the performance of the advanced Li-Nano chemistry.

stations ready to roll out of the box also saves time. “I like the fact I can go out on the dock, unbox it, put an image on it and it’s ready to go,” says Grooms. “In an hour’s time it’s out on the fl oor.”

While the Li-Nano system offers reduced total cost of ownership, according to Grooms the most important benefi ts are at the point of care, shift after shift. “Less downtime – that is the big thing. When the nurses go in a patient room, they expect the cart to work.”

The nursing staff agrees. “Our staff is very pleased with Metro Flo Series workstations. Extended battery runtime helps our nurses focus on patients without worrying about the cart working properly,” says Ferguson. “A cart today is like a stethoscope – it’s just essential for quality care.” HMT

Dual Tier Cart™

▶Independent electronic height adjustment of both tiers

▶Z-series arms for four monitors

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