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Mobile Devices Solutions Guide

Mobile computing with a twist At 3.28 pounds, the Panasonic Toughbook C1 is the world’s lightest 12.1-inch convertible tablet PC.

The Toughbook C1 is available with a multi-touch + digitizer screen for fi nger and gesture computing and an electronic stylus. This tablet features a unique, durable triple-hinge design: two hinges for opening and closing the screen and another hinge for rotating the screen into tablet mode. Other standout fea- tures include hot-swappable twin batteries for continuous use and an ergonomic strap and dome hand support for comfortable use. Panasonic

Telehealth goes touch-tablet route The Genesis Touch collects vital signs from patients and transmits the information to Honeywell’s LifeStream Management Suite, so healthcare providers can track and monitor their patients’ data. This solution blends HomMed’s highly intuitive user interface with the strengths of Samsung Mobile’s Galaxy Tab platform and the Verizon network, while acting as a portal to access a wide range of ap- plications, such as Fuze Meeting. The HIPAA-compliant device includes a tamper-resistant interface that protects the unit and its information from viruses. Honeywell HomMed

Super-safe mobile clinical computing Dell’s Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC) solution combines desktop virtualization, single sign-on and strong authentication technologies with expert consulting, implementation and support services. By storing information in the data center, not the endpoint device, MCC helps reduce the risk of lost or stolen data and simplifi es HIPAA compliance. Findings of MCC pilot projects at 10 European hospitals demonstrate that medical professionals can reclaim up to three hours a week for patient care by improving access to patient information and reducing application access time by an average of 83 percent. Dell

Drug info at your fi ngertips Facts & Comparisons eAnswers Mobile provides smartphone users with authoritative answers to drug information ques- tions. The app, which combines industry-leading content from Facts & Comparisons eAnswers and Lexicomp, is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. This interactive resource helps practitioners ensure the safety and accuracy of therapeutic decision making through quick and easy mobile access to independently reviewed and researched drug information. Wolters Kluwer Health

Accountable care as a community effort AT&T Healthcare Community Online now includes a care management enhancement powered by HealthyCircles. This integrated suite of online portals enables a seamless connection between patients and their care team (physicians, caregivers and family) so they can exchange highly secure clinical and administrative data. The solution aims to help healthcare organizations better engage patients, successfully manage care transitions and address the evolving care delivery models of accountable care organizations. Patients share information in real time, have full access to their personal health records and utilize Web services. This solution can be populated with EHR, EMR and RIS data. AT&T

Next-gen power for mobile workstations

Metro has expanded its power system suite for its mobile workstations with options to accommodate the technology, budget and workfl ow of departments and facilities of all sizes. The Li-Nano (lithium-iron nano-phosphate) power option provides run times up to 12 hours, an industry-leading two-hour recharge time and a long-lasting battery life of over 5,000 cycles. For facilities that require 24/7 uptime, Metro also offers a professional-grade, swappable power solution featuring lightweight Li-Ion batteries. The MetroMoni- tor Dashboard System allows Metro customers to proactively monitor the power systems and computing technology on their Metro mobile computing workstations. Metro


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