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Mobile Devices Solutions Guide

Streamline your staff communications Vocera Connect software extends the Vocera Communication platform to a range of leading phones, including the Cisco Unifi ed Wireless IP Phone 7900 Series, iPhones, Android-based phones and BlackBerry devices. This solution provides immediate, direct communication between care team members, regardless of their device or location, to help hospitals improve workfl ow and increase patient safety. Enhance your communications platform with the Vocera Messaging solution, which provides users with reliable, HIPAA- compliant delivery of critical pages, text, messages, alarms and alerts. Vocera Communications

Critical-care monitoring on iPads, iPhones AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING, available through GE Healthcare, securely delivers patient monitoring information to critical-care physicians’ iPhones and iPads. AirStrip helps physicians interact with, manipulate and zoom in on more than 100 clinical measurements and access physiologic data and monitoring waveforms, anytime and anywhere. This solution can serve as an important clinical decision-support tool and help expand physicians’ access to patient information. If a nurse requires immediate consultation, physicians can be located anywhere and can access critical patient information before determining appropriate care approaches. AirStrip Technologies, GE Healthcare

Total mobile medical device integration

The Nuvon System is a patient-care data-integration solution that manages thousands of device con- nections across multiple locations. The Nuvon Mobile Device Manager is a smartphone-size, mobile point-of-care appliance with a built-in barcode reader that travels with medical devices for streamlined positive patient identifi cation, location status and care delivery. This solution supports both wired and wireless communication (LAN, WiFi and ZigBee) with secure, encrypted transmission of patient care data to the EMR and other clinical information systems. Automated device identifi cation eliminates manual setup and confi guration. Nuvon

Medical data collection gets creative Tonic Health develops patient-friendly medical data collection tools for healthcare organizations, including physician practices, hospitals and research institutions. The company’s lead product is an iPad-based data collection platform that combines an easy-to-use interface, visually appealing graphics and game-like elements with the potential to deliver higher patient engagement, more accurate data, improved patient tracking and screening, and lower costs. The technology is currently being implemented at all fi ve of the University of California campuses as part of the landmark Athena breast cancer study. Tonic Health

EMR cart gets a makeover The redesigned StyleView EMR cart portfolio incorporates a patent-pending new head unit designed to signifi cantly reduce workfl ow interruption as well as IT support needs. This ergonomic cart features a new slide-open design and a three-piece interlocking work surface that offers su- perior cleanability and redundant security features to deter data tampering or theft. This unit is compatible with an extensive range of CPUs, laptops, tablet PCs and LCD monitors and is now wide enough to accommodate 17.3-inch laptops. Ergotron

30 April 2012


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