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Nothing is more critical to your business than keeping the power on.

Healthcare: Adaptable solutions that support critical systems, from labs and operating theaters to digital imaging, diagnostics, and modalities, throughout hospitals and other patient care environments.

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Power loss poses a threat to the equipment, people, and processes you rely on. And with today’s stricter security and safety regulations, process automation, and increasing dependence on sophisticated high-tech systems, the need for uninterrupted power is critical. Add the rising cost of energy and environmental concerns into the mix, and it becomes essential to protect your power with solutions that not only meet your availability demands, but are energy efficient, too.

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Data Center Physical Infrastructure for Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Equipment

The Different Types of UPS Systems

White Paper 86 Revision 1

White Paper 1 by Victor Avelar

>Executive summary

Medical imaging and diagnostic equipment (MIDE) is increasingly being networked to Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), Radiology Informa- tion Systems (RIS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS), and getting connected to the hospital intranet as well as the Internet. Failing to implement the necessary data center physical infrastructure (DCPI) can result in unexpected downtime, and safety and compliance issues, which translates into lost revenue and exposure to expensive litigations, negatively affecting the bottom line. This paper explains how to plan for DCPI when deploying medical imaging and diagnostic equipment, with emphasis on power and cooling.

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Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)

Radiology information systems (RIS) and hospital information systems (HIS)

Wiring closets or intermediate distribution frame (IDF)

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