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Network Servers Solutions Guide

Converged infrastructure solutions simplify IT VCE transforms healthcare IT operations with a simplifi ed approach to purchase, deployment, manage- ment, and support. Built on industry-leading technology from Cisco, EMC, and VMware, Vblock Infrastruc- ture Platforms are factory integrated to provide the performance, availability and scale your applications require. As a result, you spend less time on IT integration and troubleshooting and more time on supporting business needs. To begin your IT transformation, visit the VCE website. EMC

Dell and SUSE go open source for the enterprise Dell will soon offer customizable, integrated systems based on SUSE Linux Enterprise with services and support for customers worldwide. More than half of the organizations surveyed in a recent Gartner study of 547 IT leaders in organiza- tions in 11 countries have adopted open-source software (OSS) solutions as part of their IT strategy, with nearly one-third citing benefi ts of fl exibility, increased innovation, shorter development times and faster procurement processes. Dell will use SUSE Studio, a powerful image customization and provisioning tool, to build and deploy application stacks based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server onto Dell OEM Solutions’ embedded, built-to-order and customized solutions. Dell

Device integration and so much more Capsule’s DataCaptor Connectivity software is the core software component of the company’s Enterprise Device Con- nectivity Solution. DataCaptor runs on standard Microsoft Windows-based platforms. It supports up to 500 simultaneously connected devices on a single DataCaptor Connectivity Server and can link multiple systems for increased levels of scalability. DataCaptor features built-in support for over 530 bedside medical devices such as patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, anesthesia machines and more, and supports services such as data queuing, device management, remote viewing, email alerts and Web-based admin support. Capsule Technologie

Telehealth served up right Cisco HealthPresence 2.0 integrates high-defi nition video, audio, medical devices and collaboration tools to deliver an enhanced doctor-patient consul- tation experience across remote distances. The main system components are the Cisco video end points, Cisco HealthPresence Appliance and the Cisco HealthPresence Connect Server. Standout features include: an expanded choice of interoperable video end points, high availability with failover support, mul- titenancy support on a single hardware server, enhanced security for HIPAA compliance, multiple medical device integration and an EMR interface (API) for popular EMR systems. Cisco Systems

Are you ready for server virtualization? The CDW Server Virtualization Preparedness Self-Assessment Tool is a self-administered questionnaire that helps small businesses individually determine their readiness to deploy and manage server virtualization, which can bring increased productivity, agility, scalable computing resources and a boost in IT return on investment. The test helps small businesses determine their need and readiness to virtualize based on factors such as number of IT network users, number of servers, IT staff knowledge of virtualization and management understanding of virtualization benefi ts. Based on a user’s numeric score, CDW offers suggestions on how to move forward with server virtualization. CDW

Comprehensive PACS medical informatics Fujifi lm’s Synapse PACS 4.0 is the latest addition to the company’s Synapse family of medical informatics solutions.

Key features include: image processing for all of Fujifi lm’s digital radiography (DR) and full-fi eld digital mammography (FFDM) systems; advanced integration using DatCard’s collaborative image access, intelligent archival management and standards-based interoperability across all imaging environments; customizable user-interface functions; native 64-bit OS support; use of Oracle Database version 11g Enterprise Edition; and support for VMware’s version 5.0 virtualization prod- ucts. FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A. 30 March 2012 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY

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