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Medical imaging CDS

Used by physicians at the point of care, OrderRight is easy-to-use software that streamlines care delivery and saves money by automating many of the manual processes performed by radiology benefi t management (RBM) companies. Instead of RBM staff reviewing orders, the clinical decision support (CDS) system electronically reviews orders and makes comparisons to the system’s rule sets based on the appropriateness criteria from the American College of Radiology. Feedback is provided immediately to the physician to facilitate ordering the most medically appropriate procedure. MedCurrent

Use e-mail as a business intelligence tool GFI MailArchiver can generate profound insights into any business or organization from its e-mail archive. This solution includes MailInsights, a fi rst-of-its-kind data analysis tool that enables users to analyze how quickly a sales or customer service team is responding to customer e-mails; spot trends such as common keywords or topics in e-mails being sent and received; identify which employees or types of e-mail attachments are consuming the most storage space; learn exactly who their employees are e-mailing the most; and defend against the disclosure of proprietary and confi dential information. GFI Software Document management with power

The Ras document management platform provides a central repository for a wide range of essential data, from legal documents and billing paperwork to clinical records. Ras Version 3.5 allows Ras users to leverage robust interactive e-forms and dramati- cally reduce paper across the care cycle while minimizing the improper release of PHI. This release includes three signifi cant improvements: a user-centric facelift to the existing interface that closely resembles Microsoft paradigms, forms management using standard Adobe tools and an expanded Ras application programming interface (API) to the web. Dbtech Ditch old-style reporting

Hospitals and healthcare systems are rapidly adopting iDashboards as their platform of choice to gain real-time visibility into their metrics and KPIs. Enterprise Edition Version 7.5 aims to redefi ne the dashboard experience with stunning presentation options, an expanded chart library, interface enhancements and new dashboard development features. This web-based software scales from 10 to tens of thousands of users and draws data from databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, XML and other sources to display all KPIs and metrics in a single location. iDashboards

EHRs with analytics The HMS EHR offers advanced reporting tools throughout the attestation process that help hospitals assess current capa- bilities and more effi ciently achieve meaningful use. Additionally, hospitals that partner with HMS meaningful-use consultants gain a better understanding of clinical quality measures. They receive expert guidance and benefi t from best practices to help accelerate the attestation process. Join the growing number of hospitals that have already attested for Stage 1 meaningful use with a certifi ed EHR from HMS. Healthcare Management Systems HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY January 2012 27

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