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Meet MU requirements and more Health systems look to Soarian healthcare informatics solutions to help them improve their clinical effi cacy, enhance their business intelligence, gain competitive advantages and meet meaningful-use requirements in a challenging healthcare landscape. Regional Medical Center at Memphis, Tenn., is utilizing Soarian Clinicals and Soarian Financials as one part of a bold, organi- zational IT transformation that affects everything from the physical plant infrastructure to core business operations. The goal is to become a data-driven organization from both a clinical and business analytics perspective. Siemens Healthcare

Reach out to more customers The SmartMover Component for Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) provides unique functionality to

SSIS, allowing users to update U.S. and Canadian customer records with new-move updated addresses. With approximately 40 million individuals, families and businesses moving in the U.S. every year, this solution helps businesses stay in contact with their customers, while reducing wasted time, money and postage on undeliverable-as-addressed mail (UAA). This solu- tion joins a strong line of data transformation components, including the Contact Verifi cation Component, Fuzzy Matching Component and Data Profi ling Component. Melissa Data

BI created by doctors, for doctors Active CareTeam was developed by doctors, for doctors, to deliver actionable medical intelligence when they need it most – at the point of care. CareTeam combines advanced clinical intelligence delivered through the ActiveHealth CareEngine System with the power of health information exchange and quality analytics to support new models of care delivery, including patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations. The technology is designed to be fl exible and work with industry standards, connecting key stakeholders to the information that matters. ActiveHealth Management

Metrics dissected in real time TITAN provides an infi nite number of peer and regionally based comparisons for an unfettered view into reimbursement, productivity and utilization issues. Whatever matters most to a physician can be dissected in real time. Key metrics such as staff productivity, payer delays, underpayments or audit risk can be analyzed, so strategic decisions can be made. Users can determine if their issues are based on improper coding or ineffi cient staff, and adjustments can be made to improve operational performance – and ultimately increase cash fl ow. RemitData

Comparative MU analytics from the cloud athenahealth’s new online dashboard provides clear visibility into the performance of physicians on the athenahealth network against meaningful-use criteria. Visitors to this regularly updated dashboard will gain valuable insight into how the thousands of providers currently participating in the company’s meaningful-use reimbursement program are progressing toward meeting all Medicare MU measures. View the greatest challenges to providers and their practices as they aim to successfully complete the attestation process and collect their incentive payments. athenahealth HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY January 2012 29

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