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Healthcare enterprises get their own app boutiques


Eleven top-tier healthcare organiza- tions, including Mount Sinai (New

York, N.Y.), NYU Langone and Beth Israel (New York, N.Y.), have signed up to use and test the Happtique custom app store solution. The beta program provides each institution with its own branded, private mobile app marketplace. The service bills itself as “the fi rst mobile app store developed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.” Happtique has assigned each app to at least one major audience (e.g., physician, nurse, pharmacist, etc.) and at least one broad topic (e.g., heart/cardiovascular). The company’s team of experts, which includes a medical librarian, a physician and a registered nurse, is responsible for the development and continuous refi nement of the app cataloging system. Happtique is a subsidiary of GNYHA Ventures, the business arm of the Greater New York Hos- pital Association. Learn more at

EVENTS JANUARY Care Innovations Summit, Jan. 26,

Washington, D.C., is co-hosted by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. This fi rst-time HCI-DC event is held in collaboration with the Offi ce of the National Coordinator at HHS, The West Wireless Health Institute, and Health Affairs. Government and healthcare industry visionaries will share new opportunities to facilitate dialogue and drive action toward “better care and better health at lower cost through continuous improvement.”


9th Annual Medicare Congress, Feb. 6-8, Orlando, brings together top-level executives from the nation’s leading health plans to exchange best practices and develop long-term strategies to: drive enrollment, improve clinical outcomes and ensure quality, use technology to identify fraud and abuse, optimize revenue generation, increase effi ciency and more.

HHS announces new incentives for providers using ACOs


People with Medicare will be able to benefi t from two

new initiatives designed to encourage primary care doc- tors, specialists, hospitals and other healthcare providers to coordinate their care under a fi nal regulation issued Oct. 20 by the Department of Health and Human Ser- vices (HHS). Created by the Affordable Care Act, these fi nal rules on accountable care organizations (ACOs) add to the menu of options for providers looking to better coordinate care for patients. The Medicare Shared Savings Program will provide incentives for participating healthcare providers who agree to work together and become accountable for co- ordinating care for patients. Providers who band together through this model and meet certain quality standards based upon, among other measures, patient outcomes and care coordination among the provider team, may share in savings they achieve for the Medicare program. The higher the quality of care providers deliver, the more shared savings the providers may keep. The Advance Payment model will provide additional support to physician-owned and rural providers par- ticipating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program who also would benefi t from start-up resources to build the necessary infrastructure, such as new staff or information technology systems. The advanced payments would be recovered from any future shared savings achieved by the ACO.

Unlike a managed care plan, Medicare benefi ciaries will not be locked into a restricted panel of providers. Rather, a determination of whether an ACO was respon- sible for coordinating care for a benefi ciary will be based on whether that person received most of their primary care services from the organization.

HIMSS12 Annual Conference & Exhibition,

Feb. 20-24, Las Vegas, brings together the latest in technologies, patient safety and quality, regulatory compliance, business best practices and personal growth all in one location. Experience thousands of products and services on the HIMSS12 exhibit fl oor. Don’t miss the new Knowledge Centers – six powerhouses of education, product solutions, resources and industry experts. New schedule for 2012 is Monday through Friday. HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY December 2011 7

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