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WOW with benefi ts The UltraLite 200 cart family is a non-powered cart series designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. These light (starting weight 40 pounds), durable and affordable workstations on wheels are perfect for carrying out workfl ow, EMR and CPOE require- ments. Equipped with high-performance casters, a proven height-adjustment system and a large work surface, the American-made UltraLite Series 200 podium cart, 210 laptop cart and 220 LCD/PC cart are easily accessorized and are engineered to Cornell University ergonomic standards to provide effortless mobility. JACO

POC storage, security and mobility all in one The Harmony Pro workstation is an ergonomic computing station that comes in a variety of con-

fi gurations to provide point-of-care staff with more storage space and a larger work surface than other available mobile workstations. This unit is shipped fully assembled and features sit-to-stand capability, push-button height adjustability, a swivel top and left or right slide-out work surface. Options include proximity-card security, a battery power system and add-on storage accessories. A modular design makes customization a snap. Stanley InnerSpace

Telemedicine to go The second-generation Medi Port mobile telemedicine cart is a powerful mobile computing platform complete with high-defi nition video conferencing capability. The unit allows remote medical specialists to view patients and provide expert counsel, and live surgeries can be shared remotely. Updates include improved cable manage- ment, an electric lift for sitting or standing, a smaller base and an intuitive, multi-touch, easy-to-use screen. This cart can be customized with high-defi nition cameras and codecs from Cisco/Tanderg, Polycom, Vidyo and other producers. Rubbermaid Medical Solutions

Powered up 24/7

Stinger Medical mobile workstations can be used for documentation, medication administration or CPOE. Keep your Stinger cart – or any mobile cart – powered 24/7 with Mobius Power, a swappable battery system. Mobius Power ensures that nurses will never experience any workfl ow interruptions due to dead batteries. Mobius Power is supported by CAST, a proactive technology for IT that automates the break/fi x process and forever changes how your organization supports mobile devices. Stinger Medical

28 December 2011


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