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Secure, long running and ergonomically designed, these smart mobile units can provide assistance at the point of care and beyond facility walls.

Mobile workstation with secure med module The 1760Rx hybrid mobile workstation with the SecureRx Med Module combines access to real-time information with secure and accurate point-of-care medication delivery. This workstation’s user-driven design allows clinicians access to up to 12 patients’ medications individually, while its locking system ensures medication security during delivery and clinical documentation. This workstation seamlessly integrates with electronic administration records (eMARs). Other sought-after features include a clean- able and intuitive ergonomic design and very long run time. Metro (a division of Emerson)

Integrate EMR components and more The VHRC Series offers a fully modular design with integration of proven, off-the-shelf, GCX components, eliminating design time, minimizing product lead time and lowering cost. Whether you are mounting computer hardware, electronic medical records (EMR) or medical devices, GCX works with you to confi gure your perfect mounting solution. The integrated, vertically adjustable channel allows simple height changes and is designed for compatibility with an array of point-of-care users. Handle placement makes transport easy, and a small footprint allows for space-saving storage. GCX

Carts with an eye for power management The LX and VX Computer Carts were created with signifi cant input and feedback from clini- cal and health IT professionals worldwide. Models from both lines feature ergonomic adjustability, smaller footprints and slimmer profi les. They provide an open platform to accommodate all the latest hardware systems. PowerWatch software provides a real-time view into the health of the standard or lithium-iron cart batteries. The new CartWatch Remote Management System software enables cart fl eet security control from a single PC location. Capsa Solutions


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