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were run automatically. On a daily basis, the required reports where downloaded to the Alabama Department of Health. The ability to react quickly to state mandates allowed the ED staff to focus on their patients – not on paperwork.

Sometimes change helps others Effi ciency gains in one department should not slow down other departments in the hospital. Until recently, patients ad- mitted into the hospital through the ED were typically upstairs before the admissions staff was notifi ed. Adding a new process for case management provides a way for early notifi cation of eminent admissions. After re- ceiving an alert page, patients are evaluated to determine proper admit status.

Tracy Dougthy is vice president of operations, emergency and trauma services, Huntsville Hospital. For more on Wellsoft systems:

The billing organization at Huntsville Hospital also strives for process improvements. One

goal of this group is to streamline and generate a more accurate ED bill. After a cross-organizational hospital team assessed the billing system technology options available, the team decided to implement facility billing features in Wellsoft EDIS. Using charge-capture routines based on clinical documentation, pro- cedures performed in the ED will have corresponding CMS service codes assigned. Chargeable items will be sent via HL7 to the Huntsville Hospital billing system.

It is anticipated that this change, currently being imple- mented, will increase revenue. Metrics will be put in place to measure success.

Change is ongoing With the goal of being most effi cient, the staff at Huntsville Hospital continually seeks ways to improve workfl ow and au- tomate processes.

Huntsville Hospital credits the fl exibility of their EDIS with their successful day-to-day management of their busy EDs. It also gives them the ability to adapt processes as necessary to achieve their goal to provide the best possible care in the most effi cient manner.


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