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RSNA Product Spotlight and Buyers Guide

Process images anytime, anywhere READY View is a next-generation MR visual- ization platform aimed at streamlining image processing for clinicians. The solution provides a combination of protocols, applications and tools that enable a fast, easy and quantifi ed analysis using any PC, PACS or RIS worksta- tion. Multiparametric protocols offer a new,

GE Healthcare 40 IDX Dr.

Burlington, VT 05402

PH: 802-859-6305 FX: 802-862-9591 See Hall A #3365 at RSNA 2011

simple and intuitive workfl ow to process all functional data from a single screen without having to leave a reading station. Productivity tools include: auto-processing, save state, one-click motion correction, and real-time thresholding and segmentation.

Virtual colonoscopy with auto-scan

INFINITT North America PH: 877-387-6960 FX: 908-387-6965 See Hall A #6229 at RSNA 2011

INFINITT North America has teamed with Medicsight to offer an FDA-cleared, integrated ColonCAD API package within its Xelis Colon application for improved detection of abnormali- ties within the large intestine. CT colonography (CTC), or virtual colonoscopy, is a low-dose CT

scan. ColonCAD API is an advanced computer-aided detection (CAD) algorithm that ana- lyzes scan data and automatically highlights specifi c regions of interest that are indicative of potential colorectal polyps. With more radiologists learning to interpret CTC exams, it is anticipated that CAD will become an integral component of CTC interpretation.

Radiologists meet MU

Merge Healthcare 6737 W. Washington St. Milwaukee, WI 53214

PH: 414-977-4000 FX: 414-977-4200 See Hall A #6219 at RSNA 2011

Merge RIS v7.0 provides the features and function- ality needed for radiologists to meet meaningful-use requirements, including data collection, reporting, a patient portal and e-prescribing. This feature-rich radiology information system is designed to store, manipulate and distribute patient radiological data. With more than 200 installations, this RIS provides

ambulatory care practices, imaging centers, radiology group practices and hospitals with the ability to save time, improve referral relations, re-allocate staff, increase revenue and lower costs.

PACS and medical-imaging monitor The MultiSync MD215MG is a 21.3-inch medical diagnostic display for viewing digital mammogra- phy images for diagnosis by trained physicians. This 5-megapixel, FDA-certifi ed solution was created for medical imaging and PACS in hospi- tals, doctor offi ces, urgent care centers and other healthcare facilities. The unit is factory calibrated to the DICOM grayscale function for luminance.

NEC Display Solutions of

America Inc. 500 Park Blvd., Ste. 1100 Itasca, IL 60143 PH: 630-467-3000 See Hall A #5435 at RSNA 2011

It includes a front sensor to maintain a calibrated brightness and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the display’s brightness based on existing lighting conditions.

30 November 2011


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