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Linux-based PACS workstation

BRIT Systems 1909 Hi Line Dr. Dallas, TX 75207

PH: 214-630-0636 FX: 214-630-1638 See Hall A #4200 at RSNA 2011

Major enhancements to BRIT Vision Workstation Version 3.7.2 include the introduction of the 64-bit Ubuntu op- erating system, performance and speed enrichments, seamless interoperability with Roentgen Works advanced work- fl ow tools such as ER Discordance, Urgent Findings and On Holds, and an improvement

in the comparison tools for hanging protocols. With this system, users can run voice-recognition and viewing applications on a single platform. Performance enhancements for downloading images now exceed 100 CT images/second on properly confi gured networks, and improvements have been made in the viewing of multi-frame images.

X-ray room on wheels

Carestream Health Inc. 150 Verona Street Rochester, NY 14608 PH: 888-777-2072 See Hall D #1611 at RSNA 2011

The DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray Sys- tem offers signifi cant benefi ts for physi- cians, radiographers and patients due to its easy maneuverability, superior image quality and enhanced productivity. This mobile DR system features a unique, col- lapsible column that allows unobstructed

views for enhanced visibility and safety while moving the system. The dual-drive system and the ability to perform 360-degree turns in tight spaces make this unit ideal for bedside imaging exams. The system has two monitors: a main 19-inch monitor and an 8-inch tube-head monitor.

Cloud-based zero-footprint universal viewer EXAM-BROWSER is a totally cloud-based universal clinical viewer that enables anywhere, anytime review of medical images and reports. Using this solution, Co- Activ hospital and imaging center clients storing images in CoActiv’s vendor-neutral EXAM-VAULT cloud-based archive can enable users to view and manipulate exams with ultra-fast speed from virtually any browser-enabled computer or mobile device. This system can easily support multiple simultaneous users in different locations for real-time, interactive virtual consultation and collaborations.

CoActiv Medical 900 Ethan Allen Highway Ridgefi eld, CT 06877

PH: 877-262-2848 FX: 203-438-5004 See Hall B #7300 at RSNA 2011

3D radiology results whenever, wherever Synapse Mobility is a zero-footprint appli- cation that enables access to Fujifi lm’s suite of Synapse products from hand-held mobile devices, as well as Macintosh or Windows PCs. Using the Web browser of their choice, radiologists and referring physicians can have on-the-go access to the images and

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA 419 W. Ave.

Stamford, CT 06902 PH: 800-431-1850 See Hall A #4009 at RSNA 2011

information stored in Synapse PACS and Synapse RIS, increasing accessibility to patient information and improving workfl ow. This solution displays high-quality, interactive 3D images (not just static, Flash fi les) through any access platform. Functions such as zooming operate the same as at a clinical workstation.

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