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Products and Services Ditch those pagers for a

full-contact suite With APTUS MobileCare suite, healthcare professionals can replace pag- ers with smartphones that feature WiFi connectivity and provide cell-phone and PDA functionality. By consolidating communications devices, healthcare per- sonnel will be connected to the hospital IT network and have mobile access to

patient medical charts, e-prescriptions, drug information and interactions, referrals and medicine compliance. Hospital administrators can view resource availability and provide compliance alerts, thus improving the compliance of the hospital or clinic. Because WiFi is used for communications, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is not an issue. AGNITY Healthcare

Communicate with patients securely Healthcare professionals can securely and remotely communicate with patients via mobile devices and tablets using the HIPAA-compliant Clinical Communicator ap- plication. Clinicians can send

messages and notices to patients, reply to patient questions, view and update health information, schedule appointments and more. The mobile client and Web interfaces for healthcare professionals are automated and user friendly. Patients can continue to use existing MobiSecure mobile clients, such as mClient and mText. Diversinet

Performance-enhanced handheld The MICA-101 mobile clinical

assistant (version C) has expanded capabilities to provide clearer imagery, faster storage and better power than its predecessor. Suitable for EMR, EHR and nursing information systems (NIS), the unit features a fanless de-

sign for noiseless operation. It is sealed and easy to clean. It comes with an Intel Atom processor, an LED-backlit display that uses 20 to 50 percent less power and double the stor- age capacity at 120 GB. A two-way power design supports battery power supplied while attached to the VESA cradle. Advantech 30 October 2011 View up-to-the-moment

ECG data on iPads, iPhones GE Healthcare has teamed with Air-

Strip Technologies to develop a secure mobile app that gives clinicians access to precise, near real-time cardiac infor- mation. Data from the GE Healthcare MUSE Cardiology Information System is now available on iPhones and iPads via AirStrip Cardiol- ogy. Clinicians can view current data, and historical tests conducted up to one year ago, in 10-second increments. Remote ECG measurements are challenging because changes as small as 0.5 millimeters can indicate the presence of a serious or emergency heart condition. This solution’s high resolution can detect such small differences, and zooming in on waveforms does not affect visual clarity. GE Healthcare and AirStrip Technologies

All-Apple med offi ce solution Eden is a cloud-based practice management and EMR solution using Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. The solution includes all the clinical, fi nancial and administrative features and functions physicians need to

operate their practice without the need for expensive on- premise hardware or software. Physicians and medical offi ce staff can access the solution via Mac computers and through native applications developed by ClearPractice for both iPad (Nimble) and iPhone (Fetch). Eden is also meaningful-use certifi ed, enabling eligible physicians to earn up to $44,000 in incentives as part of the HITECH Act. ClearPractice

Match patients to providers MyHealthDIRECT enables con- nectivity to managed care organiza- tions, hospitals, health systems, HIEs and community health collaboratives for the purpose of scheduling timely

and appropriate healthcare appointments on behalf of indi- viduals. This Web-based solution organizes open and available healthcare appointments into a searchable and schedulable inventory of healthcare services that are fi rst built within existing provider networks or community health centers. This solution deploys in an interoperable, SAS70 2 certifi ed environment enabling real-time access to available provider appointments. MyHealthDIRECT


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