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Products and Services

Command Center for M2M devices The Command Center is a secure, one-stop portal that allows Sprint business and healthcare customers to provision and manage communications for machine-to-machine (M2M) devices such as home health monitors, utility meters, sign- boards, cameras and remote sensors. Users can add, remove, suspend and un-suspend devices on the fl y, view detailed and summary usage records and billing information, and create custom user notifi cations based on usage thresholds. The billing platform features dynamic rate plans, fl exible pooling, customized billing triggers and usage alerts and notifi cations for timely response. Sprint

Product Showcase

Mobile printer with Ethernet device

management The QLn mobile printer line includes the industry’s fi rst Ether- net connection for such devices. By enabling remote status collection and better device management, these printers aim to reduce service time

and maximize printer uptime. The line features Zebra’s new Power Smart Print Technology, which delivers faster process- ing and throughput with lower power drain and displays charge and overall battery health to minimize downtime. The QLn320 is for 3-inch-wide printing, and the QLn220 is for 2-inch-wide printing. Zebra Technologies

Clinical solutions made NaviNet Easy. NaviNet is bringing real-time patient information together into a single, secure website. Now, with NaviNet PM and Navi- Net EMR, your practice can access and manage key patient data and offi ce processes from a single location. Visit NaviNet at MGMA at Booth 317 or to see how NaviNet helps make every task “NaviNet Easy”.

Statement of Ownership, Management & Circulation for HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Magazine Publication No. 1074-4770

HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY published monthly in 2011, qualified request circulation. Address of company headquarters and publication offices, NP Com- munications, LLC, 2506 Tamiami Trail North, Nokomis, Florida 34275. Publisher, Kristine Russell; Editor, Phil Colpas; Managing Editor, Mike Foley; 2506 Tamiami Trail North, Nokomis, Florida 34275. Stockholders holding 1 percent or more of stock are: Kristine S. Russell, James A. Russell, NP Communications, LLC, 2506 Tamiami Trail North, Nokomis, Florida 34275. The known bondholders, mortgages, and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities: None.

Average # of Copies Each Issue during

Extent and Nature of Circulation A. Total No. Copies

250-W medical power supply The PPWAM250 Series

of AC/DC power supplies offers 250 watts of per- formance in a low-profi le, compact package. These units are ideal for a variety of patient-vicinity medical and dental applications.

The supplies accept a 90-264VAC universal input. Single output models have regulated voltages ranging from 12VDC to 48VDC with no minimum load. Products are compliant to UL/cUL60601-1 and TUV 60601-1 medical safety stan- dards, bear the CE mark and are RoHS compliant. Power Partners HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY October 2011 31 B. Paid and/or Requested Circulation

1. Paid/Requested Outside-County Mail Subscriptions 2. Paid In-County Subscriptions Stated

3. Sales Through Dealers and CarriersStreet Vendors, Counter Sales and Other Non-USPS Paid Distribution

4. Other Classes Mailed Through the USPS C. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation

D. Free Distribution by Mail 1. Outside-County 2. In-County

3. Other Classes Mailed Through the USPS 4. Copies Distributed Outside the Mail E. Total Free Distribution F. Total Distribution

G. Copies Not Distributed H. Total

I. Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation

45,916 none

none none


38 — —

104 142

46,059 192

46,250 99.69%

45,986 none

none none


49 — — 50 99

46,085 209

46,294 99.79%

I certify that the statements made by me above are correct and complete. Kristine Russell, President

Preceding 12 Months 46,250

Actual # of Copies of the Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date 46,294

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