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1,167 Missouri primary healthcare providers sign up for EHRs EHRS

On July 6, 2011, the Missouri Health Informa- tion Technology (MO HIT) Assistance Center

became the fi fth regional extension center in the United States to reach its goal, enrolling nearly 1,200 priority primary healthcare providers to assist them in achieving meaningful use of an EHR.

The MO HIT Assistance Center provides special support and services to healthcare providers to make the transition to EHRs faster, easier and more successful. These healthcare providers are physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who individually, or in a small practice, focus on primary care in Missouri.

“In the past, the transition to EHRs has often been

diffi cult, with numerous risks and challenges,” says Lanis Hicks, principal investigator, MO HIT Assistance Center.

“So, the decision to change a practice in this way is not easy to make, and we appreciate the conviction and com- mitment of these healthcare providers.” Hicks says she is very proud of the center’s collab- orative partners, the Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium, Missouri Primary Care Association, Missouri Telehealth Network, Primaris and the Missouri Hospital Association. She credits their enthusiasm and exceptional work for MO HIT Assistance Center’s outstanding per- formance as a regional extension center. For information on the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs, EHR adoption or how the MO HIT Assistance Center helps healthcare providers adopt and achieve meaningful use of certifi ed EHRs, go to http://

EVENTS September

The 47th Annual ASHHRA Conference & Exposi- tion, Sept. 10-13, Phoenix, will feature opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing on state-of-the-art services in healthcare HR. More than 150 exhibitors are expected.


The 83rd Annual AHIMA Convention & Exhibit, Oct. 1-6, Salt Lake City, will draw professionals from all areas of health informatics and information management for a week- long focus on HIM’s global transformation. Learn how to implement some important changes in HIM history.

The 56th Annual ARMA International Conference & Expo, Oct. 17-19, National Harbor, Md., is a premier event for records and information management profes- sionals. Held just minutes outside Washington, D.C., the conference will feature more than 80 education programs and more than 200 top-tier exhibitors.

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) 2011 Annual Conference, Oct. 23-26, Las Vegas, offers more than 100 education and networking sessions and access to more than 350 leading industry exhibitors. Hot topics include: healthcare reform, government incentive programs, health IT adoption, succeeding within integrat- ed care models and streamlining practice operations.


“Implementing ICD-10-CM/PCS for Hospitals: A Project Guide & Toolkit,” by Tori E. Sullivan, RHIA, MHA, PMP; Gale C. Mc- Neill, RHIA, CCS; and Kathleen E. Wall, MS, RHIA, provides sample tools for implementing

ICD-10-CM/PCS within the large hospital facility environment. Includes CD.

This title is available through the AHIMA Web store:


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