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In considering information security, key questions that must be examined include: Are devices secure, or can anyone walk up and make a copy of a medical record? Do all users have access to the same features, or are restrictions set to limit who has access to copy and send features? To address these questions, many healthcare providers are implementing new authentication solutions – password and card based – to lock down their devices. Building upon the physical access controls, another criti-

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cal benefi t of digitizing workfl ows is improved data security. By using workfl ow software, medical providers can ensure that data is protected and that only authorized employees can input, view, transmit and print patient records. In a secure printing environment, jobs are only printed when the user arrives at the print area and confi rms his or her identity, cre- ating a trace to the patient’s information. Using multi-factor authentication technology, jobs can be held until they are approved by selected individuals or the user authenticates prior to releasing the job. This ensures that other users can’t accidentally walk away with sensitive materials.

Cost savings

Inherent in any sales proposition is the promise of ROI. But, most medical providers, both large and small, fi nd it diffi cult to know exactly what is possible from advanced workfl ow solutions. The truth is that every medical pro- vider will achieve different cost savings, but fl exible MFP technology can maximize savings through the application of analytic tools that help monitor device usage leading to the implementation of customized cost-savings programs. For example, once a baseline for an organization’s print behavior can be established, setting up options to default print settings to duplex, monochrome printing will help an organization save on both toner and paper costs, not to mention help meet environmental sustainability goals. Rules-based print routing can be established to ensure that print jobs are directed to the most effi cient devices for large or small print jobs. High-print users or departments can be identifi ed, allowing equipment to be right-sized with greater information and visibility into print costs. With the rapid advances in document management technologies, the promise of streamlined workfl ows be- comes more accessible each day. And, as the administra- tive demands placed on healthcare providers continue to increase, today’s document management technologies make it easier than ever to implement one-touch work- fl ows into a broad range of medical environments. With effi ciency, security and cost-savings bases covered, there has never been a better time for medical providers to embrace the process of streamlining workfl ows by tightly connecting their MFP technology with software and business process.


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