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Mobile Computing/POC Products

Mobile workstations run 22+ hours a day With the new line of In-

foLogix ST7 Mobile Worksta- tions, hospitals can achieve significant benefits beyond a small footprint, better ergo- nomics and seamless integra- tion. Clinicians now gain a new power supply that recharges in

as little as one hour and has up to fi ve times longer battery life than traditional batteries. Optional drawers, barcode scanner holder and a customizable work surface and keyboard tray are also available. InfoLogix

Adjustable-height EMR workstation This wall-mounted electronic medical

record workstation has an electronic lift with 15 inches of height adjustment to ac- commodate a variety of users in the seated or standing positions. Other features include: a PIN-code locking system and a proximity sensor that detects when the user walks away and automatically closes the work- station to prevent unauthorized access, ample space for documents and supplies, a built-in task light and an extra-large mouse pad that makes point-and-click software ap- plications easier to use. Best-in-class fi nishes complement any facility’s décor. Rubbermaid Medical Solutions

Secure, manage and support tablets and other mobile devices

BoxTone software delivers a single, universal mobile management platform to support all smart devices and applications through the complete ownership life cycle. This proactive mobile service management (MSM) solution delivers real-time central- ized control of all mobile devices including BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone devices; mobile connectivity ser- vices including BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Microsoft ActiveSync and Good Technology; and enterprise mobile applications. BoxTone

32 July 2011 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Wireless digital assistant

Honeywell’s rugged Dolphin 9700hc mobile computer is de- signed to enhance healthcare work- fl ow. With integrated wireless, bar code scanning and color image and video capture technology, the Windows Mobile 6.5 device goes wherever caregivers need to go. Features include a high-resolution display, wireless capabilities that allow instant transmission of patient updates to electronic medical records, and the Shift-PLUS power management system that powers real-time wireless and multimedia applications continu- ously for eight hours or more. Honeywell

Effortless cart maneuvering

The TRAC handling system reduces nurse fatigue by up to 75 percent and push/pull force by 30 to 40 percent over non-TRAC -

equipped mobile carts. The turn-on-a-dime technology, which makes its debut in JACO’s UltraLite series of mobile laptop and PC carts, uses a unique handling mechanism that provides one-hand steering. TRAC is available in two confi gurations: a manual-engage or electronically controlled push-button system. JACO

Adjustable, secure cart conceals computer

The WALKaroo III Slimline Mobile PC Cart features a standard, hand lever-controlled, easy-lift cylinder for smooth adjust- ment to sitting or standing positions. Several new work-surface options are also available, including cherry and maple wood fi nish with or without laptop opening, adjust- able keyboard platform that tilts to eight different angles and utility baskets for added storage or transport of small items. To prevent theft, a high-security tubular lock- ing system securely stores a laptop beneath the large work surface. Carstens

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