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Buyers Guide: Mobile Computing/POC PRODUCTS

Company Name

Ambir Technology Capsa Solutions Carstens, Inc. DENSO ADC

Halfpenny Technologies, Inc.

InfoLogix, Inc.

iPatientCare or MCS - Medical Communication Systems, Inc.

JACO Inc. New Wave Software Web Site XX


Rubbermaid Medical Solutions SCC Soft Computer TVR Communications Videx, Inc.

Ambir Technology

Ambir ID scanners are ideal for patient registration stations, mobile carts and kiosks. Quickly and easily scan insurance cards using compact, USB-powered Ambir ID scanners.

Capsa Solutions

Check out the NEW LX and VX computer cart lines from Capsa Solutions for the latest designs in non-powered and powered healthcare computing workstations.

Carstens, Inc.

Carstens, Inc. provides technology access solutions. Use your hardware with WALLaroo® wall-mounted workstations and mobile computer carts. Visit or call: 1-800-782-1524


Inventor of the QR Code, DENSO ADC designs, develops and manufactures advanced bar-code equipment and related software for both Microsoft O.S. and Basic O.S.

30 July 2011 JACO Inc.

Light-weight, durable mobile carts and wall- mounted stations, made in the USA. Made of aircraft aluminum, JACO products provide ideal bedside POC computing.

X X X X XX Halfpenny Technologies, Inc.

ITF-GoDoc is a mobile application to access laboratory, pathology, radiology and other clinical results reports securely. ITF-GoDoc MobileOE is a fully functional mobile CPOE system. Note: ITF-GoDoc is for smartphones and iPad; ITF-GoDoc MobileOE is for tablets.

InfoLogix, Inc.

InfoLogix improves clinical and financial outcomes by empowering hospitals with EMR integration services, mobile devices, wireless services and e-learning.

iPatientCare or MCS

iPatientCare mobile solution provides chart summary, e-prescribing and charge capture over iPhone, iPad, tablet PC, smartphones and Android platforms for POC access.

Critical Care Carts

Batteries/ Charging Stations

Handheld Devices

Medication Carts


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